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Women’s Studio Workshop Named as one of Top Venues in “What to See During Upstate Art Weekend”


WSW one of “11 must-see events during Upstate Art Weekend”

2023/07/19>>Albany Times Union

Accomplished Contemporary Artists Discuss Art and Identity at Free Kingston Event

2023/06/8>>Hudson Valley One

Women’s Studio Workshop Announced as Inaugural Grantee of Ruth Arts Foundation

2022/06/29>>New York Times

Women’s Studio Workshop in Expands to Include Additional Artists Workspace

2022/05/29>>The Daily Freeman

WSW Leads the Women’s Art Consortium

2019/6/11>>Report: Harnessing the Power of Feminist Art Organizations

WSW’s Mother’s Day Campaign – Support a Parent Residency

2019/04/16>>Press release

WSW’s Facilities Expansion Supported Through The Arts and Cultural Facilities Improvement Program

2019/01/30>>Press release

WSW Presents: Opening Reception for the Art-in-Education Exhibition and Slide Night

2018/03/02>>Press release>>Images

21st Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta

2018/02/06>>Press release>>Images

WSW and P.U.G.G. Present: Hand’s On Art What is Research for the Artist?

2017/11/22>>Press release>>Images

WSW’s November Mid-month Update: Upcoming Events, Exhibitions, and Artists-in-Residence

2017/11/15>>Press release

WSW Presents: Fall Intern Exhibition

2017/11/08>>Press release

WSW’s October Mid-month Update: Upcoming Events, Exhibitions, and Artists-in-Residence

2017/10/18>>Press release>>Images

WSW Introduces New Leadership


WSW Presents: Summer Art Walk and Public Art Reception

2017/06/23>>Press release>>Images

WSW Hosts Community Postcard-Making Events and Artist Presentations

2017/05/05>>Press release>>Images

20th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta Fundraiser

2017/02/06>>Press release

WSW Facilities Expansion Supported Through New York State’s Community Capital Assistance Program
2016/12/08>>Press release

WSW Presents: Intern Exhibition at the Women’s Studio Workshop
2016/11/15 >> Press release

WSW Receives $5502 Grant from Christopher & Diana Reeve Foundation for Renovating an Historic Building to Support Accessible Community Programming
2016/10/06 >> Press release >> Images

WSW Presents: Hands-On Art Spring Student Showcase, Artifact and Industry
2016/03/17 >> Press release >> Images

WSW Presents: Hands-On Art Fall Student Showcase, Experimentation in the Studio
2015/12/02 >> Press release >> Images

WSW to Hold au•gust art festival This Summer, Highlighting Art in Nature and Community
2015/05/20 >> Press release

WSW Presents: How to Make a Home, Spring Open House and Intern Exhibition
2015/05/12 >> Press release

WSW Presents: Spring AIE Student Showcase, Creating Self and Place
2015/04/01 >> Press release >> Images

18th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta Fundraiser
2015/01/13 >> Press release

WSW Presents: Pulled, Printed and Pressed, Art-in-Education Hands-on Art Student Showcase
2014/11/25 >> Press release  >> Images

WSW Presents: The Would/Lands, a Public Art Installation by Pat Oleszko
2014/09/15 >> Press release >> Images

WSW celebrates its 40th Anniversary Gala Honoring Richard Frumess and Zarina
2014/08/21 >> Press release >> Images

WSW Hires Lauren Walling as Deputy Executive Director 
2014/08/11 >> Press release

WSW Presents: It’s a Big World in There at C H R C H Project Space
2014/7/10 >> Press release >> Images

WSW Presents: Hands-on Art, Young Artists Take Over Crown Street
2014/03/11 >> Press release  >> Images

Art and Feminism Wikipedia Editathon: A Nation-Wide Effort to Record the Achievements of Women Artists
2014/02/01 >> Press release

17th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta Fundraiser
2014/02/22 >> Press release >> Images

WSW Presents: Potluck at Roos Arts, a Ceramics Exhibition Celebrating Communal Life
2014/02/22 >> Press release

Library of Congress Acquires WSW’s Entire Handmade Book Collection
2013/03/25  >> Press release

WSW and Wild Earth Present: Mother’s Day Weekend Papermaking Workshop
2013/05/06  >> Press release

WSW Receives Generous Support from Ulster Savings Bank for Summer Class Scholarships
2013/04/24  >> Press release

Dyson Foundation Supports Women’s Studio Workshop in Professional Outreach
2013/03/20  >> Press release

WSW Presents: Living Off The Land with Sonja Hinrichsen at The C H R C H Project Space
2013/6/03  >> Press release

WSW Presents: Alice Miceli at The C H R C H Project Space
2013/3/11  >> Press release  >> Images

Art-in-Education Program Hands-on Art with Kingston City Schools
2013/3/11  >> Press release  >> Images

16th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta Fundraiser
2013/2/23  >> Press release  >> Images

WSW Presents: Bowls on Main Street Ceramics Exhibition at Roos Arts
2013/2/22  >> Press release    >> Images

WSW’s 15th Annual Gala Honoring Gillian Jagger and Patricia Gould-Peck
2012/11/4  >> Press release


Fall 2015 Giving Voice to Vision: au•gust art festival

Spring 2015 Giving Voice to Vision: WSW Raises More Funds for Artists

Fall 2013 Giving Voice to Vision: NEA Funding Supports Hands-on Art

Fall 2011 Giving Voice to Vision: Saluting Artist Carolee Schneemann

Fall 2010 Giving Voice to Vision: WSW’s Artists’ Books at the Grolier Club

Spring 2009 Giving Voice to Vision: Kingston Elementary School Art-In-Education at WSW

Spring 2008 Giving Voice to Vision: First Annual Gala Celebrates Artist Judy Pfaff

Winter 2007 Giving Voice to Vision: Maurice Hinchey Visits WSW

Summer 2007 Giving Voice to Vision: WSW Launches Digital Archive