Anita Wetzel Fellowship for Visual Artists

We will begin accepting applications for this opportunity in Spring of 2022

Anita Lynn Wetzel was the founding spirit of Women’s Studio Workshop. In her life and in her art she epitomized generosity and grace. Paying attention to detail and being present as she engaged with others, the natural world, music, and poetry informed her art and is key to understanding her work. Each mark, each shape, each color was carefully considered and intentional.

Her life-long interested in exploring spiritual concepts as an artistic practice led her to develop her own visual vocabulary in both two and three-dimensional realms. Anita pays homage to the ancient mark-makers: the first artists who everywhere around the earth used rock and earth and wood to paint and draw their tales, their uninterpreted symbols, honed materials into structures, decorated every utilized item in their daily lives.

Anita was a true humanist, in one with nature. In honor of Anita’s legacy, her friends and WSW are establishing the Anita Wetzel Fellowship for Visual Artists at Women’s Studio Workshop.

The Anita Wetzel Fellowship for Visual Artists at Women’s Studio Workshop is funded with the generous support of the Anita Wetzel Memorial Fund. If you would like to make a contribution you may do so here: