Slide Night

What are we up to at WSW?  Keep up with the artists at our monthly Slide Nights!

For years, Slide Nights have been a favorite WSW tradition and now we invite you to join us. Every second Tuesday during residency terms, artists working the studios present their work and projects to the community. Slide Nights are open to the public and located in the front room of our office building at 722 Binnewater Lane, Kingston, NY.

Upcoming Slide Nights

Tuesday, September 11th

6:30-7 pm: artist presentations by Martie Geiger, Carola Persson, Bhavna Mehta, and Padama Rajendran.

Tuesday, October 9th

6:30-7pm: artist presentations by Tracey Bullington, Lucy Holtsnider, and Yasmina Karli Malmsten.

Tuesday, November 13th

6:30-7pm: artist presentations by Devra Freelander, and Vanessa Hall-Patch.

Tuesday, December 11th

6:30-7pm: artist presentations by Malin Abrahamsson and Risha Rox.