Rent the Studios

Rent any of WSW’s studios: intaglio, papermaking, letterpress, silkscreen, book artsceramics, or the darkroom. The following rates include basic materials. Artists are responsible for their own ink, pulp, photo paper, clay and firing fees, and paper for editioning.

Hourly rental rates are $15/hour for members or $21/hour for non-members. WSW provides a general studio orientation and is available to help with basic technical questions. We can also schedule advanced technical assistance, which is $65/hour on weekdays and $80/hour on weekends, each with a one-hour minimum.

Reduced studio rental rates are available for members interested in working for extended periods in the print or paper studios:

  • 2 consecutive days $160
  • 3 consecutive days $240
  • 4 consecutive days $320
  • 5 consecutive days $400
  • 6 consecutive days $480
  • 7 consecutive days $560

To schedule a studio rental, contact Studio Manager Chris Petrone at [email protected] or (845) 658-9133.

Rent the Ceramics Studio

In addition to hourly rates, members have the opportunity to rent the Ceramics studio on a monthly basis. $175/month includes unlimited studio access (with respect to resident artists and classes) and the full use of equipment and glazes. Monthly renters also receive a spot in our communal shelving area, which can be used for works-in-process.

Clay can be purchased from WSW at $30/ 25lb bag (plus tax), which also includes the cost of firing. If renters use their own clay, an additional fee will be charged based on the volume of work and type of firing. Ceramics Studio Manager, Ruth McKinney Burket, makes this assessment, and can be contacted at [email protected] or (845) 658-9133.

Rent the Kilns

Kiln rentals must be scheduled one month in advance of the desired firing date. Email Asst. Ceramics Studio Manager Rachel Dubicki at [email protected] to reserve your date. Due to limited availability and a busy schedule, kiln rental dates are scheduled at WSW’s discretion.

  • Baby kiln: 2.5 cubic feet, shelf size 16”
    $40 for cone 4 or bisque; $50 for cone 6
  • Large kiln: 10 cubic feet, shelf size is 26”
    $60 for cone 4 or bisque; $75 for cone 6

Renters are responsible for loading and unloading their work or hiring someone to do so. WSW can provide assistance at an additional fee of $15 per kiln load. Renters are also responsible for scraping and washing the kiln shelves used, as needed. Shelves not properly cleaned will incur a $10 maintenance fee.

Please note: kiln rentals do not occur on the same schedule as studio kiln firings, these are additional firings scheduled for the sole purpose of the kiln renter.

Private Instruction

WSW offers private instruction  in any of our studios for $65/hour on weekdays and $80/hour on weekends, each with a one-hour minimum. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, one-on-one training with our artist/tech staff will increase your knowledge and skill level. For print and paper rentals, contact Studio Manager, Chris Petrone at [email protected] and for ceramics rentals, contact Ceramics Studio Manager Ruth McKinney Burket at [email protected].

Groups of three to eight people are also welcome to visit WSW for a hands-on experience working in the studios. Our staff is equipped with extensive teaching experience and is available to advise and teach throughout the year. Each studio can comfortably accommodate eight people, for a total of 24 people at one time. Please call for rates.