Research Publication Residency Grant

We are currently not accepting applications for this opportunity

The Research Publication Residency Grant is a 6-8 week residency designed for individuals to work onsite in the WSW Archives and Reading Room on the completion of research titles that expand upon topics central to WSW’s core mission and history, including but not limited to: women in the arts & education, printmaking, papermaking, ceramics, and independent publishing. The Women’s Studio Workshop Library is home to a wide range of special collections that orbit the history of the organization, women in print, artists’ books, women in film, performance, and more. Please visit our Collections Overview and our Historical Timeline for further information on the scope of our library. In addition, a chronological list of our artist alumnx can be found here.

This opportunity is designed to publish and promote histories, research narratives, and critical dialogue interconnected with WSW’s history. Applicants are encouraged to interpret this relationship creatively and in a broad scope. Women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ centered projects will be prioritized. 

Applications open: August 15**
November 15
Notification date:
Length of Residency: 6-8 weeks, onsite housing provided with unlimited access to the WSW Library Reading Room and archival materials.
Residency occurs:
One year following the application
Stipend: $350/week, $250 travel budget
Project Budget: Printing, production, and publishing fees relating to copyright and image permissions will vary by project. WSW will fully fund the commercial printing of a minimum of 250 copies of the final publication and will be the primary distributor of the project. Third-party distribution can be negotiated. Any freelance writers associated with each project will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and compensated through additional contracting with WSW.
Artist Payments: Author royalties will be negotiated at the time of contract. Primary authors will receive a number of the final edition for self-promotion, to be decided based on edition quantity. WSW typically does a 50/50 split of sales with primary artists/authors. Depending upon the number and type of contributors to each project, proceed splits may vary. WSW will reserve the right to print the second edition of each title, and royalty splits on subsequent editions will be negotiated at the time of contract. For later printings, the artist(s)/author(s) will be paid after production costs are recouped by WSW. Artists/authors receive sales payments in June of each year, along with an itemized list of all book placements to date.

Application must include:

  1. Project Title
  2. Project Summary (300 words)
  3. Long project description (Up to 3 pages) This section should outline the goal and objectives of your proposal. This description is an opportunity to feature the artists, artworks, objects, collections, and/or histories central to your research and the critical need for the visibility of your subjects.
  4. Up to 10 samples of relevant work (digital specifications here.) Featured work samples should act in service to your proposed idea. These may include, but are not limited to, images of your work, past writing or curatorial projects, panel presentations, & lectures. Video and audio files will be accepted. 
  5. A work sample script, which should include title, date, and a brief description of each file.
  6. CV/resume of primary author/researcher(s)

We are currently not accepting applications for this opportunity