Opportunity Calendar


Women’s Studio Workshop has an artist-centered philosophy and a deep commitment to the individual’s creative process. We support this vision through providing time and space in the form of grants, residencies, and internships where artists can come to work with 24-hour access to our studios.

Below, you’ll find the due dates for each artist opportunity we offer. All applications (with exception to the Artist’s Book residencies, which must be postmarked by November 15th) must be submitted online by midnight EST of the date listed.


February 1

Studio Residency Grant (six to eight weeks)

February 15

Studio Internship (six months)
Summer Internship (two months)

April 1

Studio Workspace Residency (four to six weeks)
Chili Bowl Workspace Residency (four to six weeks)
Ceramics Internship (three months)
Studio Internship (six months)

October 15