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Between Above and Below 
Aurora Brush
May 13, 2022

Join us on Friday, May 13th at 6pm for a magical night for the opening of Between Above and Below, a tarot deck release party and solo show by Apprentice Aurora Brush! Between Above and Below is a tarot deck with a different take on the traditional structures of the tarot. The deck is made up of 3 suites influenced by earthly, celestial, and subterranean planes, and features an interpretation of 25 Major Arcana cards. Drawn over the course of the past year, each card has been etched as a copper plate and then printed through a series of intaglio and silkscreen processes. The resulting tarot deck is the byproduct of an exploration of creating one’s own tools for divinatory practices. The overall intention of the project is to begin an investigation of physical objects that allow for human interaction based on interchangeability and randomness in order to communicate with the universe through synchronicities and patterns. Between Above and Below is about reconstructing established structures, self-defining archetypes, reclaiming the taboo, and self discovery through the alchemical processes of creation.

For the safety of our community, mask wearing and proof of vaccination is required.

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