#FirstFriday: July Exhibitions we love!

June 30, 2022 by

Every month, we highlight exhibitions, group shows, events, and workshops that feature WSW artists, we share the shows near and far that make up our monthly must-see list.

New York

Image courtesy of Carol Stuve, Spring Series 3 Waterbased Monotype on Johannot. Image: 3’ x 3” , paper size 5” x 5”

Carol Stuve (Studio Workspace Residency ’07) will have three small works on display at The 5th Annual New York International Miniature Print Exhibition at the Manhattan Graphic Center. The print shown below was also chosen was selected for second place prize! A virtual exhibition will be on from July 15, 2022 until August 15, 2022.


Image courtesy of Natalia Arbeleaz

Natalia Arbeleaz (Studio Workspace Residency ’21) has works in a group show, “A Confluence of Coastal Creativity”, opening at albertz benda Los Angeles Gallery in collaboration with the Mindy Solomon Gallery. The show opens on July 8, 2022 and will be on view until August 5, 2022.

Kyung Eun You (Artist Workspace Residency ’18 and Artist Book Residency Grant ’19) has their artist book, “where are we now”, is on view as part of a group show on view at the El Camino College Art Gallery. The show is currently on view until July 30, 2022.


Image courtesy of Mika Obayashi

Mika Obayashi (Studio Workspace Resident ’22) has work in an audio visual exhibition and concert series, “Gravity Hill”, being held at the Pushkin Gallery. Tickets are available for the show which is open from July 8-9, 2022.


Emmy Bright (SAI Instructor ’22) is in a group exhibition, Mighty Real/Queer Detroit: Other Arrangements, at the David Klein Gallery. The show is on view now until July 9, 2022.


Natalia Arbeleaz (Studio Workspace Residency ’21) has works in a group show, “Uncovered Spaces”, on view at the International Museum of Art and Science. The show is on view from now until July 10, 2022.


Hannah O’Hare Bennett (Art-in-Ed Workspace Resident ’19) has a solo show currently up, Old Cloth and New Paper, currently on display at the Canvas Gallery at the Garver Feed Mill. The show is currently on view until July 10th, 2022.


Vanessa Adams (Art-in-Education Workspace Residency ’17), Mary Tremonte (Studio Residency Grant ’19), and Andrea Narno (SAI Instructor ’22) have a group exhibition, Lavender Esspresso, up at Esspresso A Mano. The show is currently on view until July 31, 2022.


Cara Lynch (Studio Workspace Residency ’14) has an installation piece, “Radiate Positivity”, on display at the Nashville International Airport.


Akua Lezli Hope (Studio Workspace Resident ’01) has her poem, “Scree”, available to view online through New Verse News.  

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