Mika Obayashi

Mika Obayashi is a fiber and installation artist from Michigan. Her work has been exhibited internationally in Japan and the US. Her first solo exhibition, As the Crow Flies, was held at the fiber arts venue, GalleryGallery, in Kyoto, Japan in 2020.  She is a recipient of the 2020 Amelia Peabody Award for Sculpture given by the St. Botolph Club Foundation in Boston. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Amherst College in 2019 where she focused on sculpture, papermaking, and Japanese art.

By modifying traditional craft processes such as papermaking and basket weaving, Obayashi explores the three-dimensional possibilities of craft materials. The scale of her work varies widely, from small contained objects to visually enterable installations that mindfully articulate empty space. In grounded symbols of nature, she materializes nebulous themes of balance and liminality.


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