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New Faces at WSW: Spring 2019

Apr 12, 2019

This spring we welcome four new interns to the WSW studios: Carlie Waganer, Courtney Parbs, Perri Murray and Savannah Bustillo (who joins us later in April). Carlie will be working directly with WSW staff as the non-profit management intern while Courtney, Perri and Savannah will be studio interns working on projects with resident artists,while supporting… View Article

Hands-on art: this is Me, this is Us

Apr 05, 2019

This spring, 4th and 8th graders from the Kingston School District joined working artists at WSW’s studios for the Art-in-Education program. From January to March, the etching, silkscreen and papermaking studios were buzzing with activity as small groups of students took part in guided sessions developing projects. The Art-in-Education program, established in 1985, is designed… View Article

#FirstFriday: April Exhibitions We Love

Apr 04, 2019

Highlighting exhibitions that feature the work of WSW artists, we share the shows near and far that make up our monthly must-see list. New York AfterImage Journal selected Kathy Hettinga’s (Artist’s Book Residency Grant, ’14) artist’s book 4 3 2 CRY, was selected as the Featured Portfolio Artist in Vol. 45, no. 6. New Jersey Nancy Diessner (Studio Workspace Residency, ’97;… View Article

One Hundred and Seventy-Six Days

Apr 02, 2019

In the first week of October three new interns arrived at Women’s Studio Workshop: Hannah Berman, Julia Schrecengost, and Darcy Palys. Hannah and Julia joined Ashleigh Pillay (who arrived three months prior) as Studio Interns while I joined the office staff as the Nonprofit Management Intern. As the nonprofit intern, I worked closely with the… View Article

Voice and Vision: WSW Announces Full Subsidization for All Residencies

Mar 29, 2019

For centuries, the great majority of women-identified artists had access only to domestic spaces —the kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and laundry rooms they lived and worked in—to think, dream, imagine and create their artwork. In the mid 1970’s—when Women’s Studio Workshop (WSW) was founded— little had changed. Linda Nochlin’s now famous 1971 essay entitled “Why… View Article

Transformed Spaces – Sharon Lindenfeld in the Studio

Mar 26, 2019

To see the world through Sharon Lindenfeld’s eyes is to be immersed in abstract and dreamlike landscapes: airy, vaguely familiar, and expansive. Over the past 12 years Sharon has worked primarily as a printmaker ruminating over the motif of stylized landscapes as a way to connect to the natural world in altered, flattened, and distilled… View Article

Face me por favor – Victoria Eidelsztein In the Studio

Mar 19, 2019

Vacant walls lining the streets of Buenos Aires form the canvas for Victoria Eidelsztein’s large stylized portraits. In 2017, Victoria and her partner Matt initiated a street-art project titled Face me por favor (Face me please) which utilizes portraiture as a tool to celebrate difference, foster community, and share stories with the goal of connecting… View Article

In the Studio: Sparking joy with Eleanor Anderson

Mar 01, 2019

In the WSW ceramics studios, Eleanor Anderson is rolling strips of clay, pinching and arranging them into grid-like patterns loosely in square and rectangular shapes. She then glazes these objects in bright and unexpected colors, fires them and dreams up the different possibilities for their installation in space. Unlike functional ceramics that have a clear… View Article

The Book as Sculpture: In the Studio with Eygló Harðardóttir

Feb 22, 2019

When Eygló Harðardóttir is in the studio, she thinks up a question as a departure point then organically seeks to answer it without a preconceived endpoint. Applying this same approach during her six-week residency, Eygló worked in the silkscreen studios exploring color, color functions and structures for changeable artist’s book forms. At the beginning of her… View Article