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2017 Fall Interns: Half-a-Year in the Life

Dec 14, 2017

It’s day one, six months ago. Serena Hocharoen arrives first and moves her things into the room with the pink door and window-frame. Outside, El Horsfall is unpacking her car and dropping boxes on the screened-in porch. She heads upstairs to claim the room accented with sky blue. The two of them head to Target… View Article

Transitions and Translations: Ewelina Skowronska in the Studio

Dec 08, 2017

After years of working in commercial illustration, Art-in-Ed Workspace Resident Ewelina Skowronska is putting commission work on the back burner. Still, her professional experience as an illustrator always plays a role in her personal work. “They are connected and not connected,” she explains. Illustration is where her artistic practice began, but these two parts of… View Article

#FirstFriday: December Exhibitions We Love

Nov 30, 2017

Highlighting exhibitions that feature the work of WSW artists, we share the shows, near and far, that make up our monthly must-see list. Karinna Gomez‘s  print, made during her 2017 WSW Studio Grant Residency, Summer: MAKE GOOD will be in the IPCNY’s exhibition New Prints 2018/Winter! New York Zarina Hashmi (Artist’s Book Grant resident ’91) has a solo exhibition Zarina: Dark Roads… View Article

Ewa Berg Sets the Stage

Nov 01, 2017

On paper, a set of players stand just a few paces apart. Their contours tell us they are facing stage left, one frozen mid-motion. While the players seem left out of focus, their surroundings are rather clear. The lead is backlit by a map of the local Binnewater terrain, their fellow character imprisoned within a… View Article

Object/Image: Suzanne Mooney in the Studio

Oct 05, 2017

In front of WSW’s studio doors, Ora Schneider Regional Grant Resident Suzanne Mooney smashed a piece of antique glass. To be more specific, she smashed a glass plate negative that had been recorded in the first few years of the twentieth century at New Hampshire’s Mount Monadnock. Earlier in the day Suzanne made a contact… View Article

Sun Scenes: April Martin in the Studio

Sep 27, 2017

“I can’t remember why I started working with coffee filters.” April Martin pauses, “I had coffee filters and I had Tang, and the coffee filter form is so much like a cake or bundt pan.” That particular thought propelled one of the many episodes of April’s Lara Giordano Legacy Grant Residency, spent shaping her experimental… View Article

The Last Thread: Sue Carrie Drummond’s Darning Stitch

Aug 30, 2017

There came a point where, when most people would see cloth, Sue Carrie Drummond saw scars. A fraying seam, a rip in a shirt were scratches on an outermost skin. The most loved, often held garments would be the ones riddled with snags, irreparably stretched and faded.  First Sue Carrie would draw these marks in… View Article

A Composite Portal: Tayo Heuser in the Studio

Aug 24, 2017

When Tayo Heuser refers to her paper sculptures, you’ll hear her say—more than once—“They’re just different when they’re hollow.” When looking at them, it’s so simple to see what she means, but impossible to describe. Each complete work reaches at least thirty inches in height  but is nearly weightless; they don’t hang on the wall… View Article

Primordial Goddess: Minerva Ayon’s Big Bang

Aug 21, 2017

The italic script, written by Minerva Ayon, are excerpts of the performance unveiling Minerva’s installation, The Bushy Business, this past July. A special thank you to Minerva for providing the original text. In the beginning, 14 billion years ago, there was nothing but a great abyss; gas, rocks and dust floated through the universe. Everything… View Article

Between Words and Press: Beth Fein in the Studio

Aug 16, 2017

Ten years ago, ceramicist Beth Fein went to hang out with a friend who was enrolled in a local monoprinting class. Handed a plate and ink, she found the intuitive process much like building with clay, and from there she crossed into the print world. Although she’s made the leap from three dimensions to two,… View Article