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New Faces at WSW: Fall 2018

Oct 19, 2018

We are excited to welcome the new interns Hannah Berman, Julia Schrecengost, and Darcy Palys to WSW! Hannah and Julia are our new Studio Interns and will be busy assisting the artists-in-residence and keeping things running smoothly. Darcy is our new Nonprofit Management Intern, working along side our office staff answering emails and phone calls,… View Article

A Call to Action: Interview with Ayumi Horie

Oct 05, 2018

 Photo credit: Michael D. Wilson Fourteen years ago I took my first wheel throwing class, one that changed the course of my artistic career. Ayumi Horie was my instructor, and the assignments and questions she produced for that class awakened me to the potential that the medium had to offer to build community and communicate… View Article

2018 Spring Interns: Life on the Binne

Sep 28, 2018

  Back in January, when the trees were bare and everything was covered in snow, our new Studio, Nonprofit Management, and Ceramic interns arrived at WSW. Nine-months later, winter, spring, and summer have passed, and as the leaves are starting to turn and the air is getting crisp, three of these interns are moving off… View Article

Surface Texture: Lydia Loy-Santelli in the Studio

Sep 28, 2018

Women’s Studio Workshop enjoyed a chat with Chili Bowl Workspace Resident Lydia Loy-Santelli about her path to ceramics, what inspires her, and advice for emerging artists. Read a bit of our conversation below! WSW You grew up with artists in the family, started learning photography, then fell in love with clay. Are there clear moments… View Article

Layered Experience: Carola Persson in The Studio

Sep 20, 2018

The layers in Carola Persson’s prints build up like memories, marks emerg strong and clear while others fade into the background or lurk off to the side. With allusive line work, her scenes are charged with emotion and tell stories of a vast internal landscape.Interested in the dynamic of the individual and the group, Persson… View Article

Mary Autumn Roberts: Sparking Nostalgia

Sep 14, 2018

Mary Autumn Roberts’s work is full of color, creamy blues, soft yellows, and hues of natural clay. The forms have energizing movement and a clear hand—reminiscent of the flux of claymation, that at any point these objects could spring into life, hop up, and scurry off into the world. Roberts’s surface treatment of the clay… View Article

Making Tech Material: Lise Prown

Aug 31, 2018

  A squat ceramic jar sits in the sunlight, tranquil and smooth. Its surface is the color of cowhide. Its wide lip supports an astonishing domed lid, architectural in its striated surface. The knob sits triumphantly above. The lid is a bright red, and it’s made of plastic. The form vibrates with the tension between… View Article

Narrative Object: Lynn Peters’ Figurative Sculpture

Aug 24, 2018

Ceramicist Lynn Peters creates sculptures that convey elements of the human condition with humor and sympathy, cleverly toying with language and found objects to compose or dismantle cultural narratives. “My work is about the history of ceramics and what it is to be human right now from my point of view…I am in love with… View Article

Flat Earth: Alison Owen

Aug 17, 2018

  Before Alison Owen begins a new project, she spends quality time in a new environment, observing the architecture, discarded scraps, and natural elements to draw closer to the spirit of the place. With this information, Owen gathers physical and conceptual fodder for new challenges in her studio practice. “I’m interested in bringing the periphery… View Article

Techniques of the Hand: Kristen DeGree in the Studio

Aug 10, 2018

  “I’m intrigued by anything where the evidence of the hand or sense of intimacy changes though a technical process.” Having spent a formative year as a studio intern at Women’s Studio Workshop in 2009, Kristen DeGree returned in 2018 for the Art-in-Education Workspace Residency, working with elementary students in the paper and silkscreen studio…. View Article