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The Shape of Yes and Other Musings: Malin Abrahamsson in the Studio

Dec 13, 2018

The week prior to Malin Abrahamsson’s arrival I listened to a TED Radio hour podcast  featuring designer Ingrid Fetell Lee, author of the Aesthetics of Joy.  In the episode, Lee poses the question “what does joy look like?” Malin’s work is a suitable response to this question: it is an embodiment of joy, and it… View Article

Enter Laughing: Flannery Cashill at WSW

Dec 05, 2018

Artist and writer Flannery Cashill is a world-maker. Her work pops with color and patterns, flowers and women, aliens and animals. Finding inspiration from an array of consumer branding and cultural phenomena, including “comics, cereal boxes, jokes on popsicle sticks, emojis, infographics, petroglyphs, Skymall, etc.” she incorporates these elements into her work asking “how much… View Article

Fabric of Daily Life: Padma Rajendran in the Studio

Nov 09, 2018

Artist Padma Rajendren’s work delivers themes of migration, women, labor, and the narratives of domesticity by grounding us in earthly, bodily experiences. Despite the aesthetic lightness, she delivers bright and playful forms that hold weight with meaning, “I’m trying to communicate ideas that are not always lighthearted, but it’s harder to ignore the lovely things.”… View Article

Taking Care: Yasmina Karli Malmsten

Nov 02, 2018

Malmo based artist Yasmina Karli Malmsten’s prints are tender and intimate. Figures lounge in pools, stretch, or recline against one another. And notably these figures are all female. Throughout her work the body takes precedence, its shape held solid with blocks of color. The depiction of women at rest and being vulnerable with one another… View Article

#FirstFriday: November Exhibitions We Love

Nov 01, 2018

Highlighting exhibitions that feature the work of WSW artists, we share the shows near and far that make up our monthly must-see list. Carol Flueckiger (Studio Workspace Resident ’17) is exhibiting Solitude of Selfie in Women’s Right National Historical Park in Senica Falls, NY. Finger Lake Times has an article on Flueckiger and the exhibition. Show on view September… View Article

In Her Words: Martie Geiger-Ho Reflects on Her Residency

Oct 26, 2018

Standing the test of time itself, the charming rural building that houses Women Studio Workshop (WSW) is both a testament to the ethos of this institute, and a haven for artistic exploration and community education. There is a comforting feeling of permanence and security at WSW, which is reinforced firstly by its location in New… View Article

New Faces at WSW: Fall 2018

Oct 19, 2018

We are excited to welcome the new interns Hannah Berman, Julia Schrecengost, and Darcy Palys to WSW! Hannah and Julia are our new Studio Interns and will be busy assisting the artists-in-residence and keeping things running smoothly. Darcy is our new Nonprofit Management Intern, working along side our office staff answering emails and phone calls,… View Article

A Call to Action: Interview with Ayumi Horie

Oct 05, 2018

 Photo credit: Michael D. Wilson Fourteen years ago I took my first wheel throwing class, one that changed the course of my artistic career. Ayumi Horie was my instructor, and the assignments and questions she produced for that class awakened me to the potential that the medium had to offer to build community and communicate… View Article

2018 Spring Interns: Life on the Binne

Sep 28, 2018

  Back in January, when the trees were bare and everything was covered in snow, our new Studio, Nonprofit Management, and Ceramic interns arrived at WSW. Nine-months later, winter, spring, and summer have passed, and as the leaves are starting to turn and the air is getting crisp, three of these interns are moving off… View Article

Surface Texture: Lydia Loy-Santelli in the Studio

Sep 28, 2018

Women’s Studio Workshop enjoyed a chat with Chili Bowl Workspace Resident Lydia Loy-Santelli about her path to ceramics, what inspires her, and advice for emerging artists. Read a bit of our conversation below! WSW You grew up with artists in the family, started learning photography, then fell in love with clay. Are there clear moments… View Article