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The Future and the Past in the Art of Sims-Burchard

Aug 15, 2019

The human hand is everywhere in Ginny Sims-Burchard’s sculpture. In her stylized figures and rough-finished ceramic vessels there is no attempt to conceal that a malleable, tactile medium has been worked and pressed and gouged and made to adhere, one part to another, with a clear vision in mind. Expressive and sophisticated, these forms with… View Article

#First Friday: August Exhibitions We Love!

Aug 01, 2019

Highlighting exhibitions that feature the work of WSW artists, we share the shows near and far that make up our monthly must-see list. New York DM Whitman(Studio Workspace Residency ’12) is an exhibiting artist as part of KLOMPCHING’S annual show, FRESH. The group exhibition is on view until Aug. 10, 2019 at the KLOMPCHING GALLERY. Katie Baldwin (Artist’s Book… View Article

Imin Yeh: Paper Paper Film

Jul 26, 2019

Imin Yeh uses paper not merely as a surface to print on, but as a sculptural medium through which to create three dimensional representations of objects. She is especially interested in things that have been forgotten, discarded, or overlooked: a defunct subway token, a mixed-CD found in the trash, a children’s book from the free… View Article

Kate Horvat: The Sun Is Shining But I Don’t Trust It

Jul 19, 2019

Trust: a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. How does one develop trust?  Trust comes through the repetition of reliable and truthful sensations. We feel it — physically, emotionally, mentally — grow in strength through its continued duration. The Sun is Shining in all the chaos of our… View Article

The Magic of What Gets Left Behind: Jessica Caponigro in the Studio

Jul 11, 2019

Since she was a child, Jessica Caponigro has been surrounded with the kind of organic matter that blurs the lines between magic and medicine, aesthetic and utilitarian. Lemons, olive oil, vinegar, cement, coal, and salt were all staples in and around the Eastern Pennsylvania home where she grew up, and she’s continued to feel pulled… View Article

#First Friday: July Exhibitions We Love!

Jul 04, 2019

Highlighting exhibitions that feature the work of WSW artists, we share the shows near and far that make up our monthly must-see list. New York Katie Baldwin (Artist’s Book Residency Grant ’08, Book Arts Studio Residency ’11), Sarah McDermott (AIE Artist’s Book Residency ’14, Studio Workspace Residency ’19), Shelley Thorstensen (Studio Residency Grant ’04, Studio Workspace Residency ’05)… View Article

Turbulent Flow: Kristina King in the Studio

Jun 21, 2019

Kristina King’s work is dark in tone and feel. From branches wrapped in black yarn to fragile paper sculptures and large sheets of textural handmade paper, King uncovers the beauty within decay, fragility, and turbulence. Primarily using cotton fiber and abaca, King’s two-dimensional work has sculptural qualities–uneven edges, layers of pigmented pulp, and raised shapes… View Article

Sid-the-Kid: Sidney Mullis in the Studio

Jun 14, 2019

Using discarded objects, brightly colored fabrics, and papier-mâché, Sidney Mullis builds sculptures that camouflage and re-contextualize the very objects they are created from, revealing underlying themes of mortality, gender, and the loss of childhood. “In school, I had inclinations toward particular materials, such as spandex, panty hose, used makeup wipes, movement, performance, and more to… View Article

Clarissa Sligh: Living A Life, the Personal and the Political

Jun 06, 2019

Left to right, Self Portrait with cranes from Hope Project, and the artist at WSW in 1988 Clarissa doesn’t think of herself as an activist or crusader, as I have come to see her, she thinks of herself a storyteller. “In my work, I’m trying to have a voice that’s absent from the conversation –… View Article

#First Friday: June Exhibitions We Love!

Jun 06, 2019

New York Lorrie Fredette (Studio Workspace ’10) will be in a group exhibition, Summation & Absence, at BioBat Art Space from May 17 – August 16, 2019. There will be a closing reception on Friday, August 16 from 7 – 9 p.m. Tana Kellner ( WSW’s Founding Artistic Director) has prints in RISING TOGETHER: an… View Article