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Work With Where You Are: Trudy Barnes in the Studio

May 18, 2018

  Things evolve when you give them time and space. That’s been Trudy Barnes experience and approach during her Studio Workspace Residency.   Primarily working on the etching press, her work here gradually expanded to include the papermaking studio and dye porch. “I like the evolution and growth,” she says. “For me, it’s been about… View Article

These Key Truths: Carlotta Origoni in the Studio

May 10, 2018

Readers familiar with the Paris-based arts organization Femmes Nomades will find one particular similarity between their logo and the newest book in WSW’s collection: embroidery canvas. The logo designer and book author—both Art-in-Ed Artist’s Book Grant Resident Carlotta Origoni—loves it. Carlotta joined WSW’s silkscreen studio this winter and spring to produce her handmade book, The… View Article

Official Notice: Tona Wilson’s Court Code

Apr 25, 2018

Almost immediately after passing the exam to be a New York State Court Interpreter, Tona Wilson was called into family court. She’s careful not to divulge the details, but mentions it was apparent to her that the hearing, a custody case, did not quite have a “winner.” Tona has served as a Spanish language interpreter… View Article

(Re)Covered History: KaKe Art in the Studio

Mar 30, 2018

  The story of the face overlooking Binnewater Lane is multifaceted in its short version, and immeasurable when assigned symbolism. The partial portrait itself has followed one thread, the text another to appear between WSW’s studios and new building. Behind these threads are KaKe Art–the artists and two of the Workshop’s co-founders–and the history of… View Article

Catrin Morgan’s Interior Studies

Mar 14, 2018

  During Catrin Morgan’s residency, she sat down for a brief interview. Check it out on WSW’s Vimeo! Saint Jerome, in sixteen artworks digitized and simplified by Catrin Morgan, distractedly pores over his Latin translation of the Bible. In some cases, he stops to pull a thorn from a lion’s paw; in one exception, he… View Article

Chili Bowl Intern Profile: Bree Hendricks

Feb 19, 2018

This article was first published before the WSW’s 21st Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta, which has since come to pass.  Breana Hendricks has been sculpting, throwing, and decorating bowls of all kinds during her Chili Bowl Internship at WSW, not to mention teaching classes and making her own work. During this busy season we found some… View Article

Pulpology: Sheila Nakitende in the Studio

Feb 01, 2018

Sheila Nakitende, standing where the WSW campus meets a grouping of long inoperative cement kilns swallowed by the woods, covered El Horsfall’s face with a headdress. She chose this spot with the rock wall and overgrown fronds to stage an impromptu photo shoot. Shortly afterwards the project, sans model, was installed in the gallery.  The ensemble, made with… View Article

Drawn from Life: Karinna Gomez in the Studio

Jan 25, 2018

On her copper plates, the care with which Karinna Gomez treats her line work is evident across the aquatint grain. We see it in the way an electrical cord coils on the ground and the pattern of a lawn chair’s webbing. Another print, Goldstream Drive, shows sketched lines printed several times with the plate moved… View Article

2017 Fall Interns: Half-a-Year in the Life

Dec 14, 2017

It’s day one, six months ago. Serena Hocharoen arrives first and moves her things into the room with the pink door and window-frame. Outside, El Horsfall is unpacking her car and dropping boxes on the screened-in porch. She heads upstairs to claim the room accented with sky blue. The two of them head to Target… View Article

Transitions and Translations: Ewelina Skowronska in the Studio

Dec 08, 2017

After years of working in commercial illustration, Art-in-Ed Workspace Resident Ewelina Skowronska is putting commission work on the back burner. Still, her professional experience as an illustrator always plays a role in her personal work. “They are connected and not connected,” she explains. Illustration is where her artistic practice began, but these two parts of… View Article