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Artist Katie Ford makes a monoprint at the Women's Studio Workshop.

Cultivating Haze: Katie Ford in the Studio

Jul 06, 2018

Katie Ford spent six weeks in the intaglio studio at Women’s Studio Workshop trying to thin the exuberance of color. She didn’t rid color of its energy or cause its diminishment, but Ford urged color to a deeper mysterious place. As she worked in monoprint, layers of ink were rolled out and built back up… View Article

Citizen Science: Hollis Moore in the Studio

Jun 29, 2018

“First art needs to collect your attention and encompass you in a viewing experience” Studio Workspace resident Hollis Moore says, “and second it might become a space to learn something.” Contextualized by place and environmental issues, Moore directly engages her art with the landscape in a “collaborative” effort to “try and figure out their voice.”… View Article

Navigating the Paper Studio with Jackie Partridge

Jun 22, 2018

  Soon after viewing the handmade paper of Studio Workspace Resident Jackie Partridge, I became very aware of the straight lines humans work so hard to draw on the Earth. Sidewalks, grates in a drain, lane lines, shapes of buildings and bridges, even sheets of paper. And though they are tolerated for a while, it is clear… View Article

The game’s afoot! Carol Flueckiger in the Studio

Jun 18, 2018

Carol Flueckiger is exhausted. She’s exhausted over the use of the word FREEDOM in America. She’s exhausted from teaching at Texas Tech University in classrooms where conceal and carry is law. She’s tired of flowery language and historical studies of heroic decisions that aren’t decisions at all. She’s exhausted with artist statements that are all… View Article

Holding Place: Yewen Dong in the Studio

Jun 15, 2018

  Through her work, Studio Workspace Resident Yewen Dong combines the conceptual with the observational. Placing the material at the forefront, featuring components of color, shape, and texture, she asks us to consider the relationship between these things. Yewen is mixing clay into pulp. In the paper studio, vats are filled with slurry the color… View Article

Traces: Malou da Cunha Bang in the Studio

May 24, 2018

During her residency last year, Malou sat down for a brief interview. Check it out on WSW’s Vimeo! Malou da Cunha Bang has just a couple minutes to clean the glass and roller. Returning to her work, she scrapes black ink (and a touch of Payne’s grey) into the grooves of a copper plate, wipes the surface,… View Article

Work With Where You Are: Trudy Barnes in the Studio

May 18, 2018

  Things evolve when you give them time and space. That’s been Trudy Barnes‘ experience and approach during her Studio Workspace Residency.   Primarily working on the etching press, her work here gradually expanded to include the papermaking studio and dye porch. “I like the evolution and growth,” she says. “For me, it’s been about… View Article

These Key Truths: Carlotta Origoni in the Studio

May 10, 2018

Readers familiar with the Paris-based arts organization Femmes Nomades will find one particular similarity between their logo and the newest book in WSW’s collection: embroidery canvas. The logo designer and book author—both Art-in-Ed Artist’s Book Grant Resident Carlotta Origoni—loves it. Carlotta joined WSW’s silkscreen studio this winter and spring to produce her handmade book, The… View Article

Official Notice: Tona Wilson’s Court Code

Apr 25, 2018

Almost immediately after passing the exam to be a New York State Court Interpreter, Tona Wilson was called into family court. She’s careful not to divulge the details, but mentions it was apparent to her that the hearing, a custody case, did not quite have a “winner.” Tona has served as a Spanish language interpreter… View Article

(Re)Covered History: KaKe Art in the Studio

Mar 30, 2018

  The story of the face overlooking Binnewater Lane is multifaceted in its short version, and immeasurable when assigned symbolism. The partial portrait itself has followed one thread, the text another to appear between WSW’s studios and new building. Behind these threads are KaKe Art–the artists and two of the Workshop’s co-founders–and the history of… View Article