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Imin Yeh: Paper Paper Film

Jul 26, 2019

Imin Yeh uses paper not merely as a surface to print on, but as a sculptural medium through which to create three dimensional representations of objects. She is especially interested in things that have been forgotten, discarded, or overlooked: a defunct subway token, a mixed-CD found in the trash, a children’s book from the free… View Article

Kate Horvat: The Sun Is Shining But I Don’t Trust It

Jul 19, 2019

Trust: a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. How does one develop trust?  Trust comes through the repetition of reliable and truthful sensations. We feel it — physically, emotionally, mentally — grow in strength through its continued duration. The Sun is Shining in all the chaos of our… View Article

Catrin Morgan’s Interior Studies

Mar 14, 2018

  During Catrin Morgan’s residency, she sat down for a brief interview. Check it out on WSW’s Vimeo! Saint Jerome, in sixteen artworks digitized and simplified by Catrin Morgan, distractedly pores over his Latin translation of the Bible. In some cases, he stops to pull a thorn from a lion’s paw; in one exception, he… View Article

The Last Thread: Sue Carrie Drummond’s Darning Stitch

Aug 30, 2017

There came a point where, when most people would see cloth, Sue Carrie Drummond saw scars. A fraying seam, a rip in a shirt were scratches on an outermost skin. The most loved, often held garments would be the ones riddled with snags, irreparably stretched and faded.  First Sue Carrie would draw these marks in… View Article

Light, Space, Action: Leah Mackin’s Response

May 12, 2017

In the stacks of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Library, Artist’s Book Grant resident Leah Mackin happened upon the catalog for the 1971 West Coast Minimalist exhibition, Transparency, Reflection, Light, Space. An enclosed interview with Larry Bell caught her attention; Bell’s answers held spaces where vowels should have been and there was no context— nothing but a short… View Article

Into the Ocean with Veronica Graham

Apr 18, 2017

Looking at the swiftly changing human footprint on the American West and, more specifically, her home in the Bay Area, Veronica Graham transcribes her curiosity and concern into her own fictional narrative.  In the silkscreen studio, she printed and bound her newest artist’s book, The Map of Neighboring Bodies, a journey and investigation into territorial… View Article

Patty Smith & Claire Fouquet: Without Borders

Jan 30, 2017

A shadowy skyline looms in the stack of long, double-sided prints Patty Smith and Claire Fouquet have pulled. As if we were driving into a new city for the first time, strange buildings fade into a hazy sky and skip around broken terrain. When these prints are cut and folded into Patty and Claire’s book, On… View Article

Taking Off: Phyllida Bluemel in the Studio

Nov 19, 2016

It is not well known that Alexander Graham Bell and Ludwig Wittgenstein both dabbled in aeronautics. One man patented the telephone, the other became a philosopher—but both flew kites during the race to achieve human flight. Such unseen intersections, which connect some of the nineteenth and twentieth century’s most famous minds, fascinate Art-in-Education Artist’s Book… View Article

Inquiry and Action: Arzu Mistry’s “Unfolding Practice”

Jun 29, 2016

After a redeye flight, Arzu Mistry and her colleague Todd Elkin went to a coffee shop. There, they began a whirlwind conversation about education in the arts. They were so inspired by their conversation that they began tearing up brown paper bags, jotting down their ideas, and taping together scraps of paper into something that… View Article

Anatomy and Architecture: Natalie Draz’s “The City Within”

Jun 08, 2016

A city is a living thing. Its heartbeats match up with our own. It inhales as we exhale. We feel our hometowns in our very bones; we feel our current city in every step we take. Through bookmaking, Artist’s Book resident Natalie Draz investigates the structure of her body in relation to her urban surroundings…. View Article