Kyung Eun You

Kyung Eun You was born and raised in Korea and currently lives and works in New York where she found printmaking as primary medium since 2012. She has been studying and working on printmaking and illustrations followed by previous education in cartoon and comics at Korea Animation High School in Korea.

In 2017, Kyung becomes a participant in Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program at New York Foundation of the Arts as a mentee. Her works have been exhibited and published in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Hong Kong and more. Besides career in her own art works, Kyung worked as an assistant printer to master printer Erik Hougen at the Lower East Side Printshop in New York. She has assisted master printer Kathy Caraccio and artist Taka Maruno and Bill Behnken in the past. She has moreover printed for artists such as Annie Poon and Franklin Feldman.


Artist's Book Collection

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