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Chili Bowl Intern Profile: Laura Casas

Feb 14, 2019

Our annual Chili Bowl fundraiser is right around the corner and we’re getting pretty excited! As always, the Chili Bowl Intern has played a big part in getting ready for this event. Laura Casas came to WSW after graduating with her BFA in December, and got straight to work in our ceramics studio. Her work… View Article

A Call to Action: Interview with Ayumi Horie

Oct 05, 2018

Fourteen years ago I took my first wheel throwing class, one that changed the course of my artistic career. Ayumi Horie was my instructor, and the assignments and questions she produced for that class awakened me to the potential that the medium had to offer to build community and communicate ideas. A number of years… View Article

Chili Bowl Intern Profile: Bree Hendricks

Feb 19, 2018

This article was first published before the WSW’s 21st Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta, which has since come to pass.  Breana Hendricks has been sculpting, throwing, and decorating bowls of all kinds during her Chili Bowl Internship at WSW, not to mention teaching classes and making her own work. During this busy season we found some… View Article

Spring Intern Exhibition: “How to Make a Home”

May 15, 2015

Women’s Studio Workshop is pleased to announce How to Make a Home, an exhibition featuring work from our spring 2015 interns: Katie Bosley, Danielle LaCasse, Ellen Prosko, and Katie Wofford. They’ve each dedicated their free time to develop their own creative practices, culminating in a show opening May 23. We’ll celebrate with a fully packed schedule,… View Article

Chili Bowl Intern Profile: Katie Bosley

Mar 26, 2015

Last month, WSW hosted another incredible Chili Bowl Fiesta. From start to finish, the Rosendale Community Center was brimming with guests enjoying chili in their new bowls, which were made by volunteers, our ceramics staff, and this year’s Chili Bowl intern, Katie Bosley. We welcome a new ceramics intern each January, who’s responsible for throwing and decorating a huge number… View Article

The Tiny Universe of Women’s Studio Workshop

May 15, 2014

Five months ago (or eleven, if you’re a certain admin intern), we stepped onto Binnewater Lane, feeling excited but disoriented. We moved into the Anne Atwood house, a Women’s Studio Workshop-owned property just two doors down from the studio. Before long, WSW became our home away from home. We celebrated Easter with the founders, discussed… View Article

The WSW Intern Exhibition: Don’t Look

Nov 25, 2013

Don’t Look, an exhibition featuring work from current interns Anna Thompson, Caroline Walp, and Janelle Sandefur, will be on display in the WSW gallery throughout the months of November and December. Living just a short walk away, the interns are allowed full access to the WSW studios. A culmination of the work created throughout their… View Article

A Day At The Castle: WSW’s 6th Annual Gala

Oct 02, 2013

Imagine spending your day at a beautiful Victorian castle on the Shawangunk Ridge, where the hallways are filled with history. You make your way outside to catch a glimpse of the beginnings of fall, then retire to the Lake Lounge for a nice, warm cup of afternoon tea. When the clock strikes six, you put… View Article

The Babs Connection: From an Intern’s Perspective

Sep 06, 2013

Every six months a new cycle of interns will call WSW home. That’s a new set of three or four people to meet, befriend, and remember each time. The turn-over may seem a little daunting, but it’s no problem for the founders of WSW – especially in the case of Barbara Leoff Burge, who goes… View Article