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A Call to Action: Interview with Ayumi Horie

Oct 05, 2018

Fourteen years ago I took my first wheel throwing class, one that changed the course of my artistic career. Ayumi Horie was my instructor, and the assignments and questions she produced for that class awakened me to the potential that the medium had to offer to build community and communicate ideas. A number of years… View Article

2018 Spring Interns: Life on the Binne

Sep 28, 2018

  Back in January, when the trees were bare and everything was covered in snow, our new Studio, Nonprofit Management, and Ceramic interns arrived at WSW. Nine-months later, winter, spring, and summer have passed, and as the leaves are starting to turn and the air is getting crisp, three of these interns are moving off… View Article

Flat Earth: Alison Owen

Aug 17, 2018

  Before Alison Owen begins a new project, she spends quality time in a new environment, observing the architecture, discarded scraps, and natural elements to draw closer to the spirit of the place. With this information, Owen gathers physical and conceptual fodder for new challenges in her studio practice. “I’m interested in bringing the periphery… View Article

New Faces at WSW: Summer 2018 Edition

Jul 04, 2018

We are excited to welcome our newest interns, Emma Difani and Ashleigh Pillay, to the Workshop! Folks will be well fed during our Summer Art Institute thanks to Emma, the summer intern, who is busy visiting local farmers markets, planning menues, and making delecious meals. Joining us as our third studio intern, Ashleigh jumps right… View Article

Dreams Along the Landscape: Annie O’Neill in Art & Life

May 03, 2018

At the turn of the season, it’s impossible to miss the sound of birds in upstate New York’s mountains. Their songs start before dawn and wane with owl calls in the evening. For decades Annie O’Neill used imagery of men and birds side-by-side or wildlife alone not to honor this proximity, but muse over a… View Article

Shaped in Sound & Light: A Visit with Dani ReStack

Apr 30, 2018

“I thought I would live the rest of my life in Rosendale,” are the first words Dani ReStack says as we walk toward her home studio. Beginning with an internship in 1997, Dani’s eleven-year, on-and-off relationship with Women’s Studio Workshop and the Hudson Valley is intertwined with two graduate degrees and countless moments of self-reinvention. It’s… View Article

In Memory of Kenny Burge

Feb 16, 2018

There’s a studio in upstate New York where Kenneth Burge, Jr. would sit for hours. Born in Alton, Illinois, life had taken him to Missouri, Germany, Connecticut, Indiana, then Virginia before he landed in this town (and later on Huguenot Street) with a thirty-five year long professorship in the SUNY New Paltz Art Department. In… View Article

New Faces at WSW: Spring 2018 Edition

Jan 29, 2018

We are pleased to welcome our newest spring interns to WSW! The studios are looking good and running smoothly with the help of Studio Interns Laura and Sarah, who are busy assisting the artists-in-residence and with our Art-in-Ed classes. In our office you can find our Nonprofit Management Intern, Marisa, responding to emails, answering phones… View Article

2017 Fall Interns: Half-a-Year in the Life

Dec 14, 2017

It’s day one, six months ago. Serena Hocharoen arrives first and moves her things into the room with the pink door and window-frame. Outside, El Horsfall is unpacking her car and dropping boxes on the screened-in porch. She heads upstairs to claim the room accented with sky blue. The two of them head to Target… View Article