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In Memory of Kenny Burge

Feb 16, 2018

There’s a studio in upstate New York where Kenneth Burge, Jr. would sit for hours. Born in Alton, Illinois, life had taken him to Missouri, Germany, Connecticut, Indiana, then Virginia before he landed in this town (and later on Huguenot Street) with a thirty-five year long professorship in the SUNY New Paltz Art Department. In… View Article

New Faces at WSW: Spring 2018 Edition

Jan 29, 2018

We are pleased to welcome our newest spring interns to WSW! The studios are looking good and running smoothly with the help of Studio Interns Laura and Sarah, who are busy assisting the artists-in-residence and with our Art-in-Ed classes. In our office you can find our Nonprofit Management Intern, Marisa, responding to emails, answering phones… View Article

2017 Fall Interns: Half-a-Year in the Life

Dec 14, 2017

It’s day one, six months ago. Serena Hocharoen arrives first and moves her things into the room with the pink door and window-frame. Outside, El Horsfall is unpacking her car and dropping boxes on the screened-in porch. She heads upstairs to claim the room accented with sky blue. The two of them head to Target… View Article

New Faces at WSW: Fall 2017 Edition

Jul 05, 2017

Get to know the Workshop’s newest talents—our interns! When Serena and Morgan aren’t busy keeping WSW caffeinated, they’ll be jogging between studios aiding artists-in-residence, helping out with our Summer Art Institute, and later working with high school students in our Art-in-Ed classes. Sara, meanwhile, can typically be found either cooking glamorous meals for our SAI participants,… View Article

Spring Intern Exhibition: Pots/Prints/Paper/Trash

Jun 16, 2017

The aptly named spring intern exhibition, Pots/Prints/Paper/Trash, encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and social consciousness that defines Megan Borseth, Adreena Cook, C.R. Cooper, and Mel Doiron’s time at WSW.  As the first interns to show in the new building’s large front space, they challenged themselves to not just fill the walls, but also podiums and… View Article

Daydream Believer: Ann Kalmbach at Retirement

Apr 24, 2017

Ann Kalmbach is retiring, but you’d never know it. Without hesitation, she outlines her vision for Women’s Studio Workshop in 10 or 20 years. “We’d have yet another building, and we’d own the property behind us, and we’d have a beautiful pavilion for kids programming, and we’d have the largest archive of women artists in… View Article

On Robert “Woody” Woodruff, Zen, and the Art of Problem Solving

Apr 21, 2017

I’ll do anything for anybody’s art. Anything. Anything… within reason. -Woody, WSW Maintenance Mogul mo·gul ˈmōɡəl/ noun 1. an important or powerful person, especially in the motion picture or media industry. yms:            1. magnate, tycoon, VIP, notable, personage, baron, captain, king, lord, grandee, nabob, etc. 2. a steam locomotive with… View Article

Chili Bowl Intern Profile: Mel Doiron

Feb 18, 2017

With our 20th Anniversary Chili Bowl only a week away, we wanted to catch up with one of the people making this year’s event happen: Chili Bowl Intern Mel Doiron. Since January, Mel has been a daily presence in our studio, and in only eight weeks she has produced hundreds of bowls for the big… View Article

New Faces at WSW: Spring 2017 Edition

Jan 25, 2017

This January, we welcomed four new artists to Binnewater Lane! From left to right, meet Ceramics intern Mel Doiron, Nonprofit Management intern Chrissy Cooper, and Studio interns Adreena Cook and Megan Borseth. These ladies are bringing their expertise and enthusiasm to our busy spring lineup, from the 20th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta to our upcoming Art-in-Ed workshops. Keep reading… View Article

Meet the Press: Introducing Our New Digital Content Manager

Sep 21, 2016

There’s a new addition to the WSW team, and she’s bringing her fresh voice to our blog. Kathryn Scudier joined us in early August from Ohio, where she studied art and art history at Wittenberg University and spent 13 months working as assistant curator for a small art museum. “A lot of what I did… View Article