#FirstFriday: September Exhibitions We Love

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Highlighting exhibitions that feature the work of WSW artists, we share the shows, near and far, that make up our monthly must-see list.

Patty Smith and Claire Fouquet‘s WSW book, On the Other Side, will be in their exhibition the same name at A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn!

New York

Tatana Kellner (WSW Co-founder) and Tate Klacsmann (Studio Workspace resident ’15) are showing work in the Exhibition by Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region at the Albany Institute of History & Art. Tate received a Purchase Award and the Stuyvesant Plaza, Inc. Award, Tatana received the Robert J. Krackeler Award. Hurry—show closes September 3!

Rejin Leys (Studio intern ’89) and Tara Sabharwal (Studio Workspace resident ’16) are showing work in Art in FLUX‘s group exhibition Songs of Freedom at JCC Harlem. Show opens September 13, 6:30 – 9 pm. View the Facebook event here!

Lizz Thabet (Digital Content Manager ’14) is in the group show Summer of Selfish at Little Skips, Brooklyn. The exhibition celebrates the fifth issue of Selfish Magazine and raises funds to support the new Brooklyn-based Tiny Hero Press. Hurry—show closes mid-September!

Golnar Adili (Studio Grant resident ’15), Rejin Leys (Studio intern ’89), Carrie Moyer (Studio Workspace resident ’95), and Vilja Virks-Lee (Studio Grant resident ’03) are 4 of 98 artists showing work in Just Under 100: New Prints 2017/Summer at the International Print Center New York, Manhattan. Golnar was awarded into the Artist Mentorship Program. Show closes September 16.

Emily Noelle Lambert’s (Studio intern ’94) site-specific installation Tangle, featuring her largest single panel painting, is on view at 55 5th Ave, Manhattan, through October 1.

Fay Ku (Studio Grant resident ’11) is showing work in the group exhibition Latent Content Analysis at the Lodge Gallery, Manhattan. Show runs September 6 – October 6; opening reception September 6, 7 – 9 pm.

Clarissa Sligh (Artist’s Book Grant resident ’88, ’04) is showing her artist’s books in The Legacy of Lynching: Confronting Racial Terror in America at the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn. Show runs through October 8.

You can see Clarissa Sligh‘s books in The Legacy of Lynching: Confronting Racial Terror in America at the Brooklyn Museum through October 8!

Claire Fouquet and Patty Smith (Artist’s Book Grant residents ’16) have a solo show featuring their collaborative work On the Other Side at A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn. Show runs September 7 – October 8; opening reception September 8, 6-8 pm. The exhibition will include their WSW artists’ book, also titled On the Other Side, read about it on our blog!

Tatana Kellner (WSW Co-founder), Mariella Bisson (Studio Workspace resident ’08), Jill Parisi (Studio Grant resident ’04), Emily Puthoff (Studio intern ’96, Ora Schneider Grant resident ’11), Judy Hoyt (Artist’s Book Grant resident ’83), Judith Mohns (Studio Workspace resident ’98, Artist’s Book Grant resident ’03), Talya Baharal (Studio Grant resident ’02), Marian Schoettle (Ora Schneider Regional Grant resident ’12), and Patty Tyrol (Artist’s Book Grant resident ’83) are showing work in Artists as Innovators at the SUNY Ulster Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, Stone Ridge. Show runs September 8 – October 20; opening reception September 8, 5 – 7 pm.

Jenny Snider (Artist’s Book Grant resident ’83) is showing work in the group exhibition Hold That Thought at the Edward Thorp Gallery, Manhattan. Show runs September 7 – October 21.

Rejin Leys (Studio intern ’89) is showing work in Uptown: Nasty Women/Bad Hombres at El Museo del Barrio, Manhattan. The exhibition highlights the work of artists addressing sexism, racism, homophobia, media, politics, health, the environment, and violence through various media. Show runs through November 5.


Tayo Heuser (Studio Workspace resident ’17) is showing work in the group exhibition Perspectives at the Bristol Art Museum, Bristol, RI. Show runs through October 15; read about Tayo’s recent work on our blog!

Jen Blazina (Studio Grant and Workspace resident ’06, 08, 09) is showing work in Glass Weekend ‘17 at the Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. Show closes September 30. You can also find her work at the Pittsburgh Glass Center’s Art on Fire Auction September 15!

Heather Kapplow (Public Art Grant resident ’17) is showing the conceptual detritus which fell from her recent residency, Cut Corners, in the group exhibition Handled at Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA. Show runs September 7 – October 7.

Erin Woodbrey (Studio intern ’07) has a solo show, Time Mothers, at the Gaa Gallery, Provincetown, MA. Show runs through October 8.

Kathy Hettinga (Artist’s Book Grant resident ’14) is showing her work, Dante’s Inferno: the Gates of Hell, in the Art for Great Books series, Veritas Academy, Lancaster, PA. Show runs through June 1, 2018.

Check out Heather Kapplow‘s conceptual detritus—from her recent residency—in  Handled at Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA from September 7 – October 7!


Laura Berman (Studio intern ’97) is in the two-person show The Space Between: Laura Berman & Kim Eichler-Messmer at The Bank Artspace, Matfield Green, KS. Show closes September 17.

Cheyenne Mallo (Studio intern ’11) is showing work in an exhibition honoring her former print professor Bernice Ficek-Swenson’s retirement from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls in Gallery 101, Kleinpell Fine Arts, River Falls, WI. Show runs September 6 – October 6; find opening details on Facebook!

Paula McCartney (Production Grant resident ’05) is exhibiting the artist’s book made during her WSW residency in her solo exhibition, Bird Watching, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, IN. Show runs through October 8.

Laura Berman (Studio intern ’97) has a solo show Setting Space at Weinberger Fine Art, Kansas City, MO. Show runs through October 28.

In the Bay Area? Go see Beth Fein‘s solo show, When Words Fail (left), at the Transmission Gallery featuring work she made during her WSW residency! Closer to Lancaster, PA? Kathy Hettinga‘s piece Dante’s Inferno: the Gates of Hell (right), in Veritas Academy’s Art for Great Books series!


Diane Jacobs (Artist’s Book Grant resident ’00) is showing her book AMAZONS in Power of the Page: Artists Books as Agents for Change at the New Museum, Los Gatos, CA. Show closes September 17.

Beth Fein (Studio Workspace resident ’17) has a solo show, When Words Fail, at the Transmission Gallery, Oakland, CA featuring work she made during her WSW residency (read about it on our blog). Show closes September 23; reception September 1 and performance September 16.

Florence Neal (Studio Workspace resident ’09) is showing work in the group show The Beauty of Mokuhanga: Discipline & Sensibility at the The Art Gallery at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. The show, celebrating the Third International Mokuhanga Conference, runs through October 1; closing reception October 1, 3-5 pm.

Alayna Rasile Digrindakis (Chili Bowl Workspace resident ’12) is in the two person show TEXTUS with Lauren Robert Korn at the Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT. Show runs through October 27. We spoke to Alayna recently—check it out on our blog!

Leslie Nichols (Studio Grant resident ’15) is showing Any Name You Please, created during her WSW residency, in the exhibition New Impressions 2017 at the School of Visual Concepts, Seattle, WA. Previously, the show was at Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, where Leslie’s print was awarded the Director’s Cut Award! Show runs through October 31.

Leslie Nichols‘ Any Name You Please (left), created during her WSW residency, was awarded the Director’s Cut Award at Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in New Impressions 2017. The exhibition has now traveled to School of Visual Concepts, Seattle, WA and will be on view through October 31! Where can you see Laura Berman‘s work (right)? The the Douro Museum (Peso da Régua, Portugal), The Bank Artspace (Matfield Green, KS), and Weinberger Fine Art (Kansas City, MO)!


Carissa Carman (Studio intern ’03, Artist’s Book Grant resident ’05) and Natalie Campbell (Studio intern ’03) curated the textile exhibition Tie Up, Draw Down as 2017 Curatorial Fellows at The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design, Asheville, NC. Hurry—show closes September 2; read about the show in their Alumnae Spotlight!

Catherine T. Nelson (Studio Workspace resident ’16) is showing work in the group exhibition Interiors, Icons, Inheritance at the Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA. Show opens September 7!

Katy Collier (Studio Grant resident ’12) has a solo show in the Wherehouse Art Hotel’s Gallery Room, Winston-Salem, NC. The exhibition features woodcuts and monotypes rooted in traditional textile craft and labor. Hurry—show closes September 9!

Leslie Nichols (Studio Grant resident ’15) is showing work in the Red Clay Survey: 2017 Exhibition of Contemporary Southern Art at the Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL. Show runs through October 1.

Florence Neal (Studio Workspace resident ’09) is showing work in the group show Contemporary Connections: Woodcuts at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel, MS. Show runs through October 29.

Did you know: Libby Scarlett‘s I Can’t See You is in the group exhibition Strelnikov’s Glasses and Other Stories at HOME, Manchester, UK through October 29!


Minerva Ayon (Chili Bowl Workspace resident ’16, Public Art Grant resident ’17) has her solo show La Diosa Rabiosa at Centro Cultural Jardín Borda, Cuernavaca, Mexico. Hurry—show closes September 3!

Rachel Joy (Beisinghoff Printmaking resident ’13) has a solo exhibition Being Occupier at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Victoria, Australia. Hurry—show closes September 10!

Libby Scarlett (Artist’s Book Grant resident ’14) has a work, I Can’t See You, in the group exhibition Strelnikov’s Glasses and Other Stories at HOME, Manchester, UK. Twenty-four artists, designers, and film makers were asked to respond to a pair of glasses in film. Show runs through October 29.

Laura Berman (Studio intern ’97) is showing work in the 3rd Global Print exhibition at the Douro Museum, Peso da Régua, Portugal. The exhibition, featuring 543 artists from 67 countries, closes September 30.

Laura Manfredi‘s (Art-in-Ed Workspace resident ’16) solo show Fragile is on view at Burg Hasegg Münze Hall, Tyrol, Austria. Inspired by the archaeological collection held by the site’s museum, the exhibition is dedicated to the concept of fragility. Show runs through October 7; view showcard here and read an interview with the artist here!

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