Lizz Thabet

Lizz Thabet is a multimedia artist originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. In 2010, she moved to New York to pursue her BFA at Rochester Institute of Technology, where she studied photography and visual culture. Lizz’s work addresses the intersection between language, experience, and images. Incorporating ideas from trauma studies, cyborg theory, and visual culture, her work is often driven by questions and a desire to make accessible what has felt inaccessible to her own understanding. She currently lives and works in the Hudson Valley.


au•gust art festival project

Lizz Thabet’s The Character is a temporary video projection at Binnewater Kiln Parking Lot that depicts a nebulous force called the Character. The Character first appeared to Lizz as a shadow in her mind. Through drawings and paintings, she tried to summon its presence to answer her questions about its nature. One day, the Character began to move—its new body filled with breath and struggled to articulate itself. Reaching, waving, falling, it now tests the boundaries of the white frame that contains it.

The larger body of work, The Character, is a series of drawings, paintings, sculptures, and videos that investigate the anxiety and obsession we experience about ‘images.’ The Character wonders if an image can be more than just an image.

Visit or drive by Binnewater Kiln Parking Lot to see the Character’s new embodied space and judge whether or not it comes alive.


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