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Vessels for Comfort: Rachel Dubicki in the Studio

Mar 11, 2016

In ceramics, the journey of an artist is tangible. It can be physically felt in the glazing and the form of the object itself. For Chili Bowl Workspace resident Rachel Dubicki, being able to feel how far she has come is important to her growing practice. Two humble pieces in particular are her reminders: A… View Article

Isolation and Abstraction: Laura Manfredi in the Studio

Feb 29, 2016

Laura Manfredi’s works on paper piece together evocative, semi-familiar scenes from small parts of the world around her. The Italian artist zooms into details that interest her and uses them to compose what she refers to as “emotional landscapes.” She repeats these specific elements over and over to reconstruct the memory of what she saw… View Article

Anatomy 101: Megan Duffy in the Studio

Feb 12, 2016

“One of my most cherished possessions is my copy of The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery,” says Art-in-Ed Workspace resident Megan Duffy. She goes on to describe the hyper-realistic colored plates and the surreal medical procedures illustrated in the book published in the mid-1800’s. “It’s so creepy but it is so cool. These are… View Article

The In-Between Space: Tatiana Klacsmann in the Studio

Jan 15, 2016

Studio Workspace resident Tatiana Klacsmann came to WSW in November to work in the Etching Studio where she combines traditional linocut and polyester lithograph prints with digital processes to create life-sized figures. Tatiana’s style and imagery are deeply influenced by 15th century Gothic printmaking, though she finds ways to pull traditional archetypal figures and scenes into… View Article

Fields of Color: Corrine Hatt in the Studio

Dec 17, 2015

In the Etching Studio, Corrine Hatt creates puzzles, trying to find different combinations of colors and shapes with each piece. But unlike a usual puzzle, her pieces do not fit together perfectly. Corrine’s pieces click into place in a looser way. Her warped shapes instead overlap or just barely touch; large blocks of color push… View Article

Intern Exhibition: i forgot i was worried about you

Dec 10, 2015

It’s that time of year again: the fall 2015 intern exhibition, i forgot i was worried about you is up in our gallery! WSW provides interns with unlimited studio access and now we can celebrate all they’ve accomplished—professionally and artistically—in their time here. Emma Bilyeu has been a studio intern since July, working primarily in… View Article

People and Places in Flux: Pia Larsen in the Studio

Dec 02, 2015

Pia Larsen came to WSW from Newtown, a suburb in Sydney, Australia, as an Art-in-Education Workspace resident, working in the Etching and Papermaking studios. While traditionally trained as a printmaker, Pia often pushes the boundaries of what printmaking is, working with many different materials to make both two- and three-dimensional work. At WSW, she straddled… View Article

To Have and to Hold: Sarah Newberry in the Studio

Nov 17, 2015

While some people spend the better part of their mornings wondering what they’re going to wear that day, Sarah Newberry spends her mornings looking for the perfect mug. “I open my cupboard in the morning to get a coffee mug and I think, oh, what do I want to drink from today? How am I… View Article

Still Beating: Wei Jane Chir’s “Buddha’s Tears”

Nov 10, 2015

Award-winning investigative journalist Ethan Gutmann estimates that in China, 64,000 prisoners practicing Falun Gong may have been killed for their organs between 2000 and 2008. Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted for their spirituality and arrested as prisoners of conscience since 1999 for their direct opposition to the state’s communist ideology. Only recently, through detective… View Article

My Dear Sister: Leslie Nichols in the Studio

Oct 30, 2015

NEA Studio Residency Grant recipient Leslie Nichols hunches over a table strewn with metal letters. She holds a ruler against her block, squinting as dim light from the Letterpress Studio glints off of the metal type. Several sheets of paper hang on the wall behind her, each with a woman’s portrait mirroring the type Leslie… View Article