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Into the Ocean with Veronica Graham

Apr 18, 2017

Looking at the swiftly changing human footprint on the American West and, more specifically, her home in the Bay Area, Veronica Graham transcribes her curiosity and concern into her own fictional narrative.  In the silkscreen studio, she printed and bound her newest artist’s book, The Map of Neighboring Bodies, a journey and investigation into territorial… View Article

The Sowing Club: Carrie Dashow in the Studio

Apr 05, 2017

The stylized carrots and bell peppers in Carrie Dashow’s screen prints offer a minimalist addition to the timeless still life genre. Hand-drawn and collaged, finished in Adobe Illustrator, and burned onto silkscreens—instead of the traditional brush and canvas paintings—these prints disregard the decadence and exotic tastes championed by their traditional Dutch and French Baroque counterparts. In… View Article

Nocturnes: Vanessa Adams in the Studio

Mar 17, 2017

There is a beautiful coincidence arising from Art-in-Ed Resident Vanessa Adam‘s papermaking project and screen prints. For an artist who weaves themes of darkness and obscurity into her work, Vanessa seems to be pulling an abundance of luminous moons from the deckle box. By the end of her residency, these abaca-cotton creations will  lose part… View Article

In Plain Sight: Erin Curry in the Studio

Mar 11, 2017

There is a coarse, boundless sea of data that emerged from the Age of Information, making Erin Curry feel as though she’s drowning. Helping our newest Studio Workspace Resident navigate these depths is a basic compass, a magnetized needle and string, pointing her north—or quite possibly to the metal etching and letterpresses. When her homemade… View Article

Following Great Migrations: Susan Amons in the Studio

Feb 11, 2017

Artist Susan Amons is careful to document, photograph, and archive each step of her printmaking process, and she offered us a peek into her practice. Almost every photograph in this post is through the eye of the artist at work. Special thanks to Susan for this opportunity. Crows, octopi, and eels look down from etching… View Article

Multitasking & Slipcasting with Minerva Ayon

Feb 07, 2017

Downstairs and upstairs at WSW, Chili Bowl Workspace resident Minerva Ayon had three projects in action. She spent every day in the ceramics studio, slip casting, painting, and decorating bowls for the upcoming Chili Bowl Fiesta. At the end of the day, Minerva would head to the silkscreen studio, where she learned to screen print decals to transfer onto… View Article

Patty Smith & Claire Fouquet: Without Borders

Jan 30, 2017

A shadowy skyline looms in the stack of long, double-sided prints Patty Smith and Claire Fouquet have pulled. As if we were driving into a new city for the first time, strange buildings fade into a hazy sky and skip around broken terrain. When these prints are cut and folded into Patty and Claire’s book, On… View Article

Uncharted: Tara Sabharwal in the Studio

Jan 18, 2017

Sitting in the audience as a musician performed Schubert’s last sonata, Tara Sabharwal suddenly started to cry. Shaken by both the music and her own unexpected reaction, she looked around and saw that she was not the only one in tears. She heard two distinct voices within the piece. With one hand, the musician played a… View Article

Fall Intern Exhibition: Becoming Part One

Dec 29, 2016

“Becoming is a moment of intentional creation; it is a beginning still in progress.”  So say our fall interns of their exhibition, which came down from our gallery walls last week. The work in Becoming: Part One was a culmination of Chloe Horsma, Molly Berkson, and Sarah Rose Lejeune’s six-month sojourn in our studios, and… View Article

Diving In with Hands-On Art

Dec 08, 2016

  Every fall, our studios fill with excited young artists from Kingston High School’s Advanced Placement art program. Once a week for four weeks, they spent a full day working in one of our studio disciplines under the guidance of WSW artists, practicing new skills and techniques.   In the studio, KHS students got the… View Article