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Uncharted: Tara Sabharwal in the Studio

Jan 18, 2017

Sitting in the audience as a musician performed Schubert’s last sonata, Tara Sabharwal suddenly started to cry. Shaken by both the music and her own unexpected reaction, she looked around and saw that she was not the only one in tears. She heard two distinct voices within the piece. With one hand, the musician played a… View Article

Fall Intern Exhibition: Becoming Part One

Dec 29, 2016

“Becoming is a moment of intentional creation; it is a beginning still in progress.”  So say our fall interns of their exhibition, which came down from our gallery walls last week. The work in Becoming: Part One was a culmination of Chloe Horsma, Molly Berkson, and Sarah Rose Lejeune’s six-month sojourn in our studios, and… View Article

Diving In with Hands-On Art

Dec 08, 2016

  Every fall, our studios fill with excited young artists from Kingston High School’s Advanced Placement art program. Once a week for four weeks, they spent a full day working in one of our studio disciplines under the guidance of WSW artists, practicing new skills and techniques.   In the studio, KHS students got the… View Article

Taking Off: Phyllida Bluemel in the Studio

Nov 19, 2016

It is not well known that Alexander Graham Bell and Ludwig Wittgenstein both dabbled in aeronautics. One man patented the telephone, the other became a philosopher—but both flew kites during the race to achieve human flight. Such unseen intersections, which connect some of the nineteenth and twentieth century’s most famous minds, fascinate Art-in-Education Artist’s Book… View Article

Setting the Table: Miki Palchick in the Studio

Oct 23, 2016

Artist and food educator Miki Palchick has a broad vocabulary of pots and she’s not afraid to use it. Though fermentation crocks are the staple of her Philadelphia-based ceramics practice, her love of functional vessels has led her to make everything from palm-sized appetizer dishes to the Japanese donabe cooking pot. As WSW’s newest Chili… View Article

Christine Chin’s Patterned Garden

Oct 14, 2016

When Parent Grant resident Christine Chin arrived at WSW, she brought an acorn squash from her home garden to the silkscreen studio and while it has sat on a shelf unchanged through the length of her residency, the other plants she’s chosen are more perishable. The green pepper, lined with red draping tape, has shriveled… View Article

A Life Unwoven: Katie Grove in the Studio

Sep 30, 2016

In the etching studio, Ora Schneider resident Katie Grove sifts through the remains of an abandoned home once belonging to someone she has never met. Everything they owned, tangled and weathered, is laid out, carefully inspected, and categorized. An idea of the stranger’s life takes form: they were fond of rootlets and dried grass, collected… View Article

Dreamlike Worlds: Bahar Habibi in the Studio

Sep 09, 2016

A bullet-shaped, darkroom safelight is Studio Workspace resident Bahar Habibi‘s companion for the day; it looks like a small robot or, to her, a spaceship, but it’s actually a homemade pinhole camera. When she uses it to photograph WSW, it’s loosely taped to a tripod and, though she adjusts its direction and angle, she cannot… View Article

Printing Pixels: Sarah Comfort in the Studio

Aug 09, 2016

In WSW’s Darkroom, Sarah Comfort makes digital drawings on her tablet, careful not to fog up her photo paper with the light emitted from the screen. Soon, she’ll transfer these images onto transparencies and with the assistance of water and sunlight, her pixelated, digital images will become physical photographic prints. Sarah is no stranger to… View Article

When Metal Meets Paper: Lynn Batchelder in the Studio

Jul 28, 2016

In her work as a jeweler, Lynn Batchelder hand-cuts thin, intricate lines with a jeweler’s saw directly into metal forms, then assembles them to form three-dimensional, wearable objects. She has never been afraid to show the hand behind her work, whether in jewelry or drawings—or, now, in prints. During her Ora Schneider residency in the… View Article