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Setting Sail with Megan Piontkowski’s “Feminist Ships”

Mar 18, 2016

Now, in sailor’s clothing young Jane did go Dressed like a sailor from top to toe. These lines from the sea shanty “The Female Smuggler” end Feminist Ships, WSW’s newest artist’s book by Megan Piontkowski—but only if you can decipher them. They are written using maritime signal flags, which since the 19th century have been… View Article

Still Beating: Wei Jane Chir’s “Buddha’s Tears”

Nov 10, 2015

Award-winning investigative journalist Ethan Gutmann estimates that in China, 64,000 prisoners practicing Falun Gong may have been killed for their organs between 2000 and 2008. Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted for their spirituality and arrested as prisoners of conscience since 1999 for their direct opposition to the state’s communist ideology. Only recently, through detective… View Article

A Geometric Universe: Natalia Zapella’s “Nights, the Cosmos, and I”

May 28, 2015

Brazilian graphic designer and Artist’s Book resident Natalia Zapella often stays up all night. Mornings, she says, are for sleeping. Nights are for working under the still canopy of stars. “There are so few things interfering with your thoughts. It’s all about you and the stars,” she says, describing the kinship she found with the… View Article

Radha Pandey’s “Taxonomy of Shapes”

Apr 10, 2015

In the first part of this series, we met AIE Artist’s Book Resident Radha Pandey, an Indian-born book artist and papermaker whose love of materials, technical precision, and fascination with nature drive her work. She continues to explore human relationships to the natural and manmade world in her newest book, Taxonomy of Shapes. “What would… View Article

Radha Pandey’s Pictorial Taxonomy

Feb 24, 2015

Despite growing up in New Delhi, one of India’s most crowded and polluted cities, every summer was another jungle adventure for AIE Artist’s Book resident Radha Pandey. Thanks to creative, supportive parents, one of whom was a wildlife documentary filmmaker, Radha’s early childhood instilled within her a special connection and awe for the natural world. “My… View Article

From Across the Way: Libby Scarlett’s “A 19–2 View”

Feb 11, 2015

In the first part of this series, we learned about AIE Artist’s Book Resident Libby Scarlett and her practice, which often tells stories through everyday mundanity. Obsessing over details that no one else may have noticed, her quiet musings contemplate home, connection, loneliness, and love: threads that continues with her newest book, A 19–2 View.Amidst… View Article

A 19-2 View: Libby Scarlett in the Studio

Oct 29, 2014

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be following the development of Libby Scarlett’s artist’s book, A 19-2 View. This is the first post of the series. Every night in Amsterdam, Art-in-Education Artist’s Book Resident Libby Scarlett would sit on her balcony, overlooking the maze of gardens and flats across the way. Regardless of the weather, she… View Article