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Richard Frumess: Building Community in Pigment and Wax

Aug 20, 2014

“The interesting thing about what we do, which is rare, is that the business was started as an extension of artwork,” Richard Frumess begins. Richard is the founder of R&F Handmade Paints, a Kingston-based art supply company, well-known for its development of encaustic and pigment sticks, and an honoree at Women’s Studio Workshop’s 40th Anniversary Gala…. View Article

New Faces at WSW: Summer 2014 Edition

Aug 05, 2014

Each year the Workshop feels the footsteps of countless newcomers, and in the wake of a busy spring we welcome another group of talented young women to the studio. The first week of July brought four new interns and now that the dust has (somewhat) settled from their arrival, Lizz Thabet joins the staff to… View Article

No Direction Home: The Life & Work of Zarina

Jul 11, 2014

WSW’s 2014 gala honoree maps her life, makes a home in paper & print Zarina Hashmi‘s printed lines run like scars across her paper’s surface, cleaving space, creating borders, and telling stories. Her 1997 portfolio of woodblock prints Homes I Made / A Life in Nine Lines delineates the floorplans of the houses and apartments… View Article

The Tiny Universe of Women’s Studio Workshop

May 15, 2014

Five months ago (or eleven, if you’re a certain admin intern), we stepped onto Binnewater Lane, feeling excited but disoriented. We moved into the Anne Atwood house, a Women’s Studio Workshop-owned property just two doors down from the studio. Before long, WSW became our home away from home. We celebrated Easter with the founders, discussed… View Article

New Faces at WSW: Spring 2014 Edition

Jan 17, 2014

The Women’s Studio Workshop can be a a transient place – anyone who spends a few months here can tell you that. From the residents who spend up to ten weeks here at a time to the rail trail walkers who stop in to take a quick tour, new faces arrive in the studio almost… View Article

The WSW Potluck Bowl Library

Sep 10, 2013

We come together at the table: resident artists, office staff, interns, volunteers, teachers, students, dogs and children convene to share a meal. Everyone brings an offering. It’s a colorful spread; all the mismatched pots; all the tasty dishes to share. We sit on benches, boxes, office chairs, the floor. A bowl rests on a filing… View Article