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Techniques of the Hand: Kristen DeGree in the Studio

Aug 10, 2018

“I’m intrigued by anything where the evidence of the hand or sense of intimacy changes though a technical process.” Having spent a formative year as a studio intern at Women’s Studio Workshop in 2009, Kristen DeGree returned in 2018 for the Art-in-Education Workspace Residency, working with elementary students in the paper and silkscreen studio. Her… View Article

Holding Patterns: Fafnir Adamites

Jul 20, 2018

Growing up in Western Massachusetts, Fafnir Adamites would never have thought to call herself an artist. “I didn’t grow up in a place where being an artist was really valued or realistic, so it took me a long time to claim that term.” A wayfinder by nature, she followed a non-traditional educational path into the… View Article

Navigating the Paper Studio with Jackie Partridge

Jun 22, 2018

  Soon after viewing the handmade paper of Studio Workspace Resident Jackie Partridge, I became very aware of the straight lines humans work so hard to draw on the Earth. Sidewalks, grates in a drain, lane lines, shapes of buildings and bridges, even sheets of paper. And though they are tolerated for a while, it is clear… View Article

Holding Place: Yewen Dong in the Studio

Jun 15, 2018

Through her work, Studio Workspace Resident Yewen Dong combines the conceptual with the observational. Placing the material at the forefront, featuring components of color, shape, and texture, she asks us to consider the relationship between these things. Yewen is mixing clay into pulp. In the paper studio, vats are filled with slurry the color or… View Article

Work With Where You Are: Trudy Barnes in the Studio

May 18, 2018

Things evolve when you give them time and space. That’s been Trudy Barnes‘ experience and approach during her Studio Workspace Residency.   Primarily working on the etching press, her work here gradually expanded to include the papermaking studio and dye porch. “I like the evolution and growth,” she says. “For me, it’s been about searching,… View Article

Spring Intern Exhibition: “How to Make a Home”

May 15, 2015

Women’s Studio Workshop is pleased to announce How to Make a Home, an exhibition featuring work from our spring 2015 interns: Katie Bosley, Danielle LaCasse, Ellen Prosko, and Katie Wofford. They’ve each dedicated their free time to develop their own creative practices, culminating in a show opening May 23. We’ll celebrate with a fully packed schedule,… View Article

Radha Pandey’s “Taxonomy of Shapes”

Apr 10, 2015

In the first part of this series, we met AIE Artist’s Book Resident Radha Pandey, an Indian-born book artist and papermaker whose love of materials, technical precision, and fascination with nature drive her work. She continues to explore human relationships to the natural and manmade world in her newest book, Taxonomy of Shapes. “What would… View Article

Hands-on Art: “Creating Self and Place”

Apr 08, 2015

This is the second post in a series about our spring 2015 Art-in-Education program. Check out the first post here to read all about the young artists’ adventures in the studios! During February and March, we had the pleasure of welcoming more than eighty elementary and middle school students to the studios through our award-winning Art-in-Education program, Hands-on… View Article

Alumnae Spotlight: Melissa Jay Craig

Mar 30, 2015

Chicago-based artist Melissa Jay Craig first came to WSW for a papermaking residency in 2009, when she produced the installation LISTEN. Her sculptural works of handmade paper explore multi-sensory readings of the natural landscape and suggest messages in the environment. In addition to exhibiting internationally, Melissa teaches workshops throughout the country, including at WSW’s own… View Article

The Fantastical Dreams of Anna Tararova

Mar 13, 2015

Armed with a colorful palette of cotton pulp, Art-in-Ed workspace resident Anna Tararova leans over a large sheet of kenaf and abaca fibers to blend ombre patterns on its still-wet surface. She occasionally glances up at a black and white screen printed photograph that hangs above the sheet for reference. The Russian multimedia artist begins… View Article