A 19-2 View

A 19-2 View depicts the artist’s observations of the fifteen balconies she overlooked from her apartment in the east of Amsterdam. After a request to take a photograph and meet a neighbor went by without a single reply, she made up stories of the inhabitants and their surroundings: the things they might have told her had they accepted her offer. Through modular circles cut into the pages, readers get a glimpse of each balcony, beginning with all fifteen illustrations on the first page. Each subsequent page is dedicated to one balcony and its narrative.

Book Price: $425
Shipping: $60 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $485.00


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Virginia Commonwealth University, Harvard University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Chethams Library, Yale University, Ohio State University, Vassar College, New York Public Library, Indiana University Bloomington, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Delaware, University of Michigan, Library of Congress

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