Malou da Cunha Bang

Malou da Cunha Bang graduated as a visual artist from The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. Her primary approaches are printmaking and video. In her graphic work she has specialized in gravure printing as photopolymer, collagraphy and copper etching. During her final year at The Royal Institute of Art she developed her own technique. Her works revolves around seemingly ordinary rooms. The rooms get charged with a feeling of sci-fi to explore the facts of what the rooms are supposed to be, and how they in fact disguise hierarchies, status and submission. She is interested in printmaking as a transforming language that can visualize the authority and obedience build into regulatory spaces.

During her exchange residency from KKV Grafik Malmo to WSW, she worked in the intaglio studio to turn screenshots from her films into series of line etchings with aquatint.


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