Emilie Houssart

Emilie Houssart is a multidisciplinary Dutch-American artist from the UK, living in New York’s Hudson Valley. Her absurdist interventions explore environmental dissociation and abuses in local colonizer culture, aiming to ignite dialogue about the desire for control, how we evaluate intelligence, and socio-ecological futures. Recent projects include DIRT: Inside Landscapes as artist-in-residence at the Dorsky Museum, NY; House Suit, video and live performance at Glasshouse, NY; Potatocube, Stop & Shop and other locations, NY; and Forest Geometries at the Koningsbos/Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium.

Emilie was a founding Studio Assistant at PUF Print Studio, Poughkeepsie, NY. She is currently an Instructor and Sustainability Faculty Fellow at SUNY New Paltz, an Instructor at Fall Kill Creative Works and the Woodstock School of Art, and has led classes and workshops internationally since 2003. She is completing an MFA in Sculpture and Printmaking at SUNY New Paltz.