S B Woods

S B Woods has been performing since 1979. Her work has been seen in numerous venues both nationally and internationally. Her visual work, Meditation on Mourning a large scale sculptural installation has been seen last year at the Washington National Cathedral and is a part of the Newtown Foundations ongoing effort to prevent gun violence in America.  Stone Writing on Cloud, another sculptural installation was shown at the Luther Brady Gallery in DC in April of last year. Woods will be exhibiting her work in Kingston NY this coming Fall.

The Cocoon and the Butterfly is a part of the permanent performance Archives of MoMa and was also recently filmed in March of 2015 for the remaking of “Mysteries of Love,” a song by David Lynch and Angelo Belamanti.



au•gust art festival project

In 2009, S B Woods created The Cocoon and the Butterfly (performance on video, 6 min.) after a blight of gypsy moths in the catskill mountains in 2008. The moths quietly and skillfully lined the eves of S B Wood’s studio and one by one began to weave their cocoons into tiny white clouds. Their incubation became her own, and after a while, she found herself spinning inside a hoop of hemp woven twine.

In this work, the butterfly had never been intended and was an iteration due to a moth, coming from a cocoon and not a carapace. Nonetheless after a mile of twine repeatedly being spun around her, it became both a compulsion and a rite to find wings.

Hoop construction; Ralph Gallagher, Cocoon Costume; SB Woods, Butterfly Costume; SB Woods and Viva Vayspap, Video Production; Maresela La Grave, Taima Smith, SB Woods