KaKeArt is the collaborative team of Ann Kalmbach and Tatana Kellner. KaKeArt produces ironic, politically charged works including postcards, artists’ books and public interventions. Their first project in 1983, Scene Around Rosendale is a collection of postcards, that include generic pastoral images stamped Secene around Rosendale, contemporary domestic scenes and actual historic reproductions. Since then they have worked together on 14 artists’ books, numerous installations, as well as revisiting the Scene Around Rosendale series periodically, recording changes in the town.

They have been awarded residencies at the Visual Studies Workshop, MacDowell Colony, The Hessische Landesmuseum in Darmstadt, Germany, Univesity of Southern Maine, and The Sirius Arts Center in Ireland, among others.

KaKeArt are co-founders of Women’s Studio Workshop (with 2 others). They exhibit regularly around the country and abroad.

au•gust art festival project

SHOOT 2015  is a re-staging inspired by the artist’s book SHOOT produced in 1997 by KaKeArt. The book’s text “DID YOU EVER WONDER WHY POLICE TARGETS ARE TORSOS?” was staged for the au•gust art festival. The festival offered an opportunity to share that work in a public site where passersby could reflect on the reality many of our fellow citizens are forced to experience.