Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor lives and works in Red Hook, NY. Her studio practice these days focuses on painting, drawing, and collage. Her public work, which includes two large projects for the MTA Arts for Transit program in Larchmont and Peekskill, NY, takes inspiration from nature. Natural forms and our relationship with the natural world are concerns she explores in all her work, whatever her medium. Trained as a collage artist, she often employs unusual materials to challenge viewers’ assumptions about the world around them.

Joy is represented locally by Galerie Gris in Hudson NY, and is planning an exhibit with Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica CA in early 2016. She has had a long relationship with Women’s Studio Workshop, and has been awarded two residencies there, the most recent being in 2010.


au•gust art festival project

In Seeing Far, Seeing Deep, Joy Taylor uses industrial grade colored aluminum foil to bring reflected light into the woods along the rail trail, creating artificial glades of colored light that encourage viewers to pause and look more carefully into the greenery. “Not seeing the forest for the trees” is an expression that might describe our tendency to overlook what’s in front of us. Seeing Far, Seeing Deep offers users of the rail trail a reason to pause, to consider the details of silently standing trees and the mysterious depths of the forest they create.