There is an ocean

The book is a combination of six prose poem/narratives about young men’s encounters with bodies of water. At different intervals, these narratives are obscured by shifting swathes of blue thread sewn into the pages of the book, bringing to mind sensations of covering and uncovering, freedom, and constraint, of voices appearing and disappearing, and of the shifting concepts of time lived in an age where the risks of intimacy seem to have dangerously moved out of control. In the words of the artist, this book portrays the high stakes of letting oneself go, of the inherent tension and displaced youth of the young, (especially young gay men).

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Yale University, University of California (Los Angeles), Evergreen State College, Cleveland Institute of Art, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Reed College, University of Wisconsin (Madison), Brown University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Delaware, Wellesley College, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), Smith College, Temple University, Columbia College (Chicago), Stanford University, Temple University Libraries, University of Utah, University of Pennsylvania, Dickson Art Center, Wheaton College, The New York Public Library, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis-IUPUI, University of Michigan, Library of Congress, Clark Art Institute

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