The Tang of Height

The Tang of Height was inspired by Phyllida’s discovery of recurring appearance of box kites in the biographies of nineteenth-century scholars. Taking that shape as a metaphor for philosophical method and 20th century thinking, the artist ties together the lives of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Alexander Graham Bell, and Nan Shepherd through archival fragments—images and ideas that resonate. These details connect across disciplines, flickering between the abstract and the particular; the philosophical and the personal—a poetry of facts.
The form of the book and graphic design conduct the reader and gesture towards alternate readings of reality. The screen-printed illustrations, as inserts, float freely of the text and reveal non-linguistic connections between the stories. The Tang of Height is coptic bound, with a wraparound board cover.

Book Price: $350
Shipping: $60 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $410.00


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Ringling School of Art & Design, Virginia Commonwealth University, Yale University, New York Public Library, Scripps College

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