Parts of a Body House Book

Parts of a Body House Book was originally published in 1972 by Beau Geste Press, which was run by Felipe Ehrenberg in Devon, England. This reprinting is a facsimile of Carolee’s personal copy from the first edition. Her intentions were to paint the back cover of each book and create a new set of hand interventions for the present day. This publication was in production at the time of her death in 2019. All hand interventions including corrections, stamping, staining, drawing, and highlighting were recreated to the artist’s exact wishes. Each copy in this edition is signed by Carolee’s beloved feline, La Niña, using a pigment mixed from beet juice and dirt gathered from the grounds of Carolee’s eighteenth century farmhouse in New Paltz, NY. 

This book includes the first publishing of an excerpt from Schneemann’s Sexual Parameters Chart, Americana I Ching Apple Pie, film positives from two of Carolee’s films, notes and sketches on Kinetic Painting, a very special menstrual-blood-blotted paper work, and more. 

In the exhibition catalog for her retrospective Kinetic Painting, Schneemann writes, “Parts of a Body House Book (1972) is a prototype for my big book. Each element in this edition was culled from mounds of related material. It is a releasing of the recent past into the present. A unitary life view – all about the same thing… and I can’t say what IT IS. But see it, live it.”


“As an artwork and a relic, this book provides a dizzying vantage from which to consider her legacy. The object is a temporary vessel for her oeuvre, a pulsing manifestation of something ultimately uncontainable.” -Kate Silzer, The Brooklyn Rail

“Schneemann has taken everything constraining, conforming, and oppressive out what a book has been in the past and replaced it with something that feels alive, challenging, human, sharp… …Parts of a Body House Book raises glorious, delicious questions about what it means to reproduce something that was originally so handmade: How do you re-embody/re-present something that was once so integrally related to an individual’s body?” -Heather Kapplow, Hyperallergic

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