The Map of Neighboring Bodies

The Map of Neighboring Bodies is a book of invented iconography related to bodies of water. The artist plays with the definition of territory by breaking down boundaries across an open sea and systematically rebuilding them with pictograms. With these symbols, the book maps the natural, political, historical, and fantastic regions across five environments. The result is a reflection on the utility of maps as fictional devices and our longstanding need to create boundaries in order to make sense of the world around us.

Graham’s interest in symbolic imagery hearkens back to an early affinity for 8-bit video games and ancient cartography. Designed to be cyclical, the book connects along a seamless path that wraps horizontally around the entire book. A key is provided on the front side to help the reader decipher the environments.

Book Price: $295
Shipping: $60 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $355.00



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University of California (Santa Barbara), California Polytechnic State University, Mills College, New York Public Library, University of Miami, Yale University

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