This historical collection of the artist’s early photographic work is divided into sections which highlight different topics and locations, both mundane and exotic.

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University of Arizona (Tucson), Temple University, Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Washington University (St. Louis), Mills College, University of Kentucky, University of Colorado (Boulder), Reed College, University of Iowa, Virginia Commonwealth University, Massachusetts College of Art, University of Pittsburgh, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Columbia College (Chicago), University of Delaware, Rochester Institute of Technology, Yale University, Contemporary Art Museum (Houston), Tate Library and Archive, University of Louisville, University of Central Florida, Contemporary Arts Museum (Houston), University of Utah, Temple University Libraries, Vassar College Library, Free Library, Central Branch, University of Colorado Library, National Art Librarian - Accessions Section, The Print Center, Hyman Kreitman Research Centre, Bucknell University Bertrand Library, James Madison University, Victoria and Albert Museum, Indiana University, Museum of Modern Art, University of Michigan, Library of Congress

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