A Darning Stitch

This book explores the concept of an invisible mend, contrasting the mend of a garment with the attempt to mend a relationship.

A darning stitch is a sewing technique used for repairing worn areas in fabric, an attempt to make the repair as neat and invisible as possible to restore a piece of clothing to its original state. Instructions and diagrams for darning are printed on overbeaten abaca paper, while on cotton paper are images of fabric alongside a narrative of a marriage. The cotton spreads are visible beneath the translucent abaca sheets, juxtaposing this story against the clear and straightforward instructions for mending clothing.

The images of torn cloth are created using the blowout technique, further emphasizing the moments of damage and wear both within the fabric and within the relationship.

Out of print.


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Bucknell University, Wesleyan University, University of California (Santa Barbara)

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