Victoria Eidelsztein

Victoria Eidelsztein (1987, Argentina) has a degree in Visual Arts with an emphasis in print making. Since 2008 she has exhibited her work in different collective and individual exhibitions. She has also collaborated on illustrations for books and created visuals for live music concerts and dance shows.

Since graduating in 2013, she has been teaching art in different institutions in Buenos Aires: Flexible Lab, Pinta Conmigo and also at Martín Buber and September elementary schools. Her work has progressed through various media: printmaking, drawing, digital art and painting.

For the last couple of years Victoria has focused her work on portraits. In June 2017, together with Limpio Designs, they created Face Me Por Favor with the simple mission of using portraits as portals of the human spirit. Its goal is to create a visual voice for people to share their hopes and dreams, their fears and stories. This street art project exhibits portraits such as posters on public roads, painted with acrylic on a large scale to connect the city with its people. Recently they have collaborated with the NGOs Techo Argentina and Pinta tu Barrio Villa 21.



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