Kristen Rego

Kristen Rego (b. 1984 in North Olmsted, OH) is currently based in the Hudson Valley region of NY. She received a BFA from Ohio State University in Painting and Drawing and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Painting and Printmaking. Kristen has exhibited nationally in New York, Ohio, Virginia, Maine and New Jersey and was a Vermont Studio Center resident in 2012. She is an artist, adjunct professor, collector and lover of things forgotten and discarded.


au•gust art festival project

Kristen Rego’s work is made up of an on-going collection of plastic bottle caps, grocery store ads, printed cardboard, brown paper bags and other scraps and detritus that accumulate into two and three-dimensional works. On the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, Kristen is creating an installation of bright-colored columns standing over 7 feet tall. These columns are assembled from plastic bottle caps that she has collected from recycle bins, streets and sidewalks. The caps are classified to highlight their varieties of shifting color and modulating shapes. This organization makes the work a form of painting as well as found-material sculpture. The tops of soda bottles,shampoo, laundry detergent, grated cheese, bottled water, toothpaste, and countless other products reveal the ubiquitous nature of the material and the seductive quality of commercial packaging.