Studies for Studies

St. Jerome is associated with kindness (removing a thorn from a lion’s paw) and scholarship (translating the Bible into Latin). The studies found in paintings depicting St. Jerome are open to incursions from the natural world—they are neither outside nor inside and appear temporary, as though waiting to be folded up and taken away. Studies for Studies is an exploration of Renaissance depictions of St. Jerome which expands on the idea of translation as an artistic exercise. The book has three sections: Typologies considers the necessary elements for building a study for St. Jerome, A Study is a split format essay which examines the studies in detail, and Studies is a series of isomorphic translations of paintings with written responses from Max Porter. The book has a fold out cover, A Study is a hand stitched, tape bound book, Typologies is a stitched pamphlet and Studies is a folded poster.

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