Still Not Free

Still Not Free is a series of prints featuring several sculptures known as The Benin Bronzes. The sculptures in question were looted by the British Empire from The Kingdom of Benin during a brutal colonial conquest. Known as the Benin Expedition of 1897, this conquest led to the demise of the ancient Kingdom. The Benin Bronzes, from present-day Nigeria, were then placed in various collections other than their point of origin throughout Europe and The United States.

Each page in this book is dedicated to a particular artifact and its respective location and ascension number. The case for the repatriation of historical artifacts has been a recirculating topic for years, as many people have advocated for the return of these artifacts and many others. An important aspect of The Benin Bronzes is the fact that many of them were created to honor people who were important figures within their community. The drawings in this book are rendered in a way that references their humanity, imbuing them with life.

Out of print.