Holly Popielarz

Holly Popielarz is a multi-disciplinary artist, educator, athlete and parent. She lives in Connecticut and works at her home studio. A playful explorer and collector at heart, her work focuses on the concept of chance, games and the external forces that impact our lives and environments.

Her creative practice and specializations span varied mediums. A collector and cataloguer of sacred everyday materials, she values how materials contribute to the content and meaning of a work. Materials and techniques of choice shift and expand based on current projects, which are supported by a robust daily sketchbook practice and a propensity for discovery by play and exploration. Though handcraft and play remain elemental to her practice, she also incorporates technologies like laser cutting to produce precision components and expand the repertoire of processes. Still, her interests center on materials, techniques and content accessible to all.

Currently she teaches Design and Drawing at Rhode Island College, where she was awarded Most Valuable Professor award (spring 2019). Popielarz has taught for Rhode Island School of Design’s Pre-College and Certificate and Continuing Education Programs since fall 2018.