Public Art Residency Grant

The Public Art Grant is a four-week residency for women artists to create new public art projects along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, which runs directly in front of WSW from Kingston to New Paltz. Temporary outdoor sculpture, installation, or intervention will be considered. Any installed artwork needs to survive in an outdoor environment for four months. If performative in nature, the selected artist must present multiple performances throughout a four-month period.

The Rail Trail is extremely active, averaging 7,000-9,000 walkers, runners, and cyclists per month. As a result, this opportunity has been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts’ Our Town program as a way to highlight the economic impact artists have in their communities.

The grant includes a stipend of $350/week, a travel subsidy, free on-campus housing, and 24/7 studio access. WSW can provide technical advice; training on new equipment, techniques, and materials; and production assistance.

Rosendale was founded in 1844 to support the cement mining industry and WSW’s main studio building was the Binnewater Cement Company general store. At the time, the railroad ran through this area constantly and now, many years later, it has been transformed into a multi-use trail for nature lovers. Points of interest along the Rail Trail include caves and kilns left over from the miners and a recently rebuilt railroad trestle, now the centerpiece of the 23-mile trail. The trestle is about a mile from WSW, crossing the Rondout Creek and giving a beautiful view of Rosendale’s mile-long Main Street.

Past Public Art Residencies have taken place along the Rail Trail, in the heart of Rosendale, and at the CHRCH Project Space in nearby Cottekill, NY.


We are not currently accepting applications for this residency.
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