Susan Chute & Next Year’s Words

Susan Chute is the archivist at Women’s Studio Workshop. Together with Kim Ellis, she founded Next Year’s Words, a New Paltz reading series combining writers from college and community.  She can set type almost as fast as she can write poems.  Before moving to New Paltz four years ago, she worked as an art librarian at The New York Public Library, and before that she was a lighting designer in the theatre. She holds an MLIS from Pratt and an MFA from the University of Michigan.


au•gust art festival project

Take a portion of sculpture. A heaping dose of film & video. A woody trail from the town of Rosendale. A generous sprinkling of installation art. A couple of pertinent questions. Fold in a few performance feats. Stir with pen and pencil and simmer with your choicest cut of words.

Join seven poets from Next Year’s Words on Sunday, August 16 as we cook up poems together along the rail trail from Women’s Studio Workshop to the Rosendale Trestle. Gather at WSW at 11 am to dream up art words and make word art in response to au•gust artists. (known in the literary trade as ekphrastic poetry). Next Year’s Words poets will coach and cheer you on. Share your newly composed poem alongside Next Year’s Words poets to a creative crowd primed to savor your word feast during a public reading at 2 pm. Rain or shine. Refreshments will be served.