Stories behind bars

Stories Behind Bars was inspired by the author’s job as a Spanish interpreter in the U.S. courts. It consists of four individually bound silkscreen printed booklets: in one, a young man is deported using video teleconferencing, another gives some brief history of immigration detention, and all tell stories of immigrants in US. prisons and jails. The stories give the reader an insight into the complex issues surrounding the immigration debate. The four separate pamphlets are housed in a slipcase with a barred window.

Out of print.



Rochester Institute of Rochester Institute of Technology, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Delaware Library, Yale University -Robert B Haas Family Arts Library, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Connecticut (Storrs), University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin (Madison), University of Vermont (Burlington), DePaul University, Wesleyan University, University of Washington (Seattle), Rhode Island School of Design, Mills College, University of Michigan, Scripps College, University of Pennsylvania, Lafayette College, Library of Congress, University of Rochester, Oberlin College, George Mason University, Temple University

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