Shoot to kill

Images of targets found at police firing range are paired with words which record/question/critique the use of guns in our society.

Out of print.



Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Rochester Institute of Technology, Cleveland Institute of Art, Evergreen State College, Columbia College (Chicago), Reed College, Mills College, Atlanta College of Art, University of Delaware, Texas Women's University, Yale University, University of California (Los Angeles), Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Rochester - River Campus, Tate Library and Archive, Le Monde En Tique, The Banff Centre, Dickson Art Center, University of California (Santa Barbara), University of Utah, University of Louisville, University of Rochester Library, Hyman Kreitman Research Centre, Vassar College Library, Bucknell University Bertrand Library, The New York Public Library, George Mason University, Indiana University, Maine College of Art, University of Michigan, Library of Congress

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