Momotaro / Peach Boy

Momotaro / Peach Boy is a series of intaglio prints based on a popular Japanese folk tale about a baby who emerges from a giant peach and grows up to become a hero. The prints in this portfolio form the pages of a fictional narrative inspired by family memories of the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Retold as a contemporary Asian American folk legend, Momotaro / Peach Boy examines the ways in which we create folk heroes by bending the truth, fictionalizing history and embellishing memory. Each print combines family photographs, traditional Japanese motifs, material from the National Archives and illustrations appropriated from magazines and children’s books to illustrate the endless cycle of hope, expectation and grief brought about by war.

Out of print.



Williams College Museum of Art, Yale University, Virginia Commonwealth University, New York Public Library, University of Delaware, Vassar College Library, Rochester Institute of Technology, Williams College - Chapin Library of Rare Books, The New York Public Library, Indiana University, Bowdoin College, Getty Research Institute for History of Art & Humanities, Library of Congress

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