Louise Odes Neaderland

Louise Odes Neaderland is a printmaker, book artist and the founder-director of the International Society of Copier Artists (ISCA). She publishes the ISCA Quarterly of Xerographic Prints and Artists’ Books.

Louise holds an MFA in Printmaking from the State University of Iowa and a BFA from Bard College. She has produced over 60 artists’ books which can be seen in the catalogs of Printed Matter and Vamp and Tramp. Her book works are included in special collections at MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Getty Center, Sackner Archive, Museo Internacional Electografica, Cuenca, Spain, among many others. Louise has received awards for her work from the National Endowment for the Arts, Huntington Hartford Foundation and Yale University/Norfolk Fellowship. She teaches workshops on the use of the copy machine as a creative tool and has amassed an archive of over 2000 images of xerographic art from around the world.

Louise was an Artist’s Book Resident at WSW in 1982 to produce Empress Bullet: an allegory. In this book multiple copies of a single news story image about a thoroughbred are arranged to create a visual narrative. Louise lives and works in Brooklyn.

Images (left to right): Heart of Lightness, Black Holes, Cease-Fire!, Information Please


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