Carrie Dashow

Carrie Dashow is a New York based multi-disciplinary artist and educator working at the intersection of performance, video, natural and visual arts, hinging at the point of the individual and the community. Her often participatory work ranges from community, historical and municipal based projects examining the undercurrents of authority, subjectivity and an indebted relationship to location, material and each other. Resulting combinations of performance, video, books, structures and songs involve the audience in tactile, truer than true experiences, providing the opportunity for renegotiation. Her participatory-style performances amongst diverse audiences reveal a momentary sense of community and possibility.

Her first time at WSW, Carrie used the silkscreen studio to explore ways to translate her performative slide show lecture project “UNDER ISLAND; The Secret History of Roosevelt Island” into a book.  During her 2017 Studio Workspace Residency, Carrie designed a series of prints to be visual cues for companion planting. A gardener and co-founder of Atina Foods, she’s currently interested in joining her art practice with community foodways, education, and farming.


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