New artists’ books from WSW

Since 1974, Women’s Studio Workshop has provided more than 220 artists, both emerging and established, with studio facilities and technical expertise to produce handmade, limited edition artists’ books. Currently, the publishing program at WSW adds three to five new artists’ books each year. WSW’s artists’ books are held in over 450 collections world-wide, and eleven repository institutions which hold the majority of WSW’s artists’ book collection.
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What’s Left

by Tracy Bullington

What’s Left is the result of a collaboration between the artist and a group of high school students who immigrated to the United States as children. The artist interviewed each student and asked “What is the most memorable thing you left behind when coming to the United States? Multicolor woodblock and letterpress printed, hard cover. Coptic bound. 7″ x 7″, 64 pages. 2018.

Book Price: $700
Shipping: $55 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $755

Whereas, We Declare

by Tatana Kellner and Ann Kalmbach

Whereas, We Declare compiles the text from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), proposed to the United Nations by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1948, with drawn images and statistical information about immigration. These texts celebrate accepting immigrants to the USA as historically essential to defining the nation, both by enriching the cultural horizons and contributing significantly to science, industry, and the humanities. Themes of imposed boundaries and borders run throughout the book’s imagery; the inside covers are the UDHR preamble annotated by Roosevelt. Silkscreen and digitally printed. Coptic bound. 13″ x 9″, 64 pages. 2018.

Book Price: $950
Shipping: $55 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $1005

The Veil is Seen Only When It is Lifted

by Carlotta Origoni

Frequently, the debate regarding gender equality becomes a clash of opinions, impeding any real inquiry. In The Veil is Seen Only When it is Lifted, the artist provides accumulated data as an instrument for breaching this impasse. Origoni visually restructures this conversation, arranging statistics with simple, playful design and breaking up the codex’s linear narration. The book is composed with two studies; their bindings fall on opposite sides of the book. A Coptic-bound section presents quantitative data and the spiral-bound section reports experience-based data. Viewers are invited to read these parts separately or simultaneously, pages can be overlapped in patterns that unveil new information. Silkscreen printed. Coptic and spiral bound. 59 pages. Edition 49, 2018.

Book Price: $525
Shipping: $40 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $565

Dress Code Strictly Enforced

by Tona Wilson

Dress Code Strictly Enforced draws on the artist’s experience as a Spanish interpreter in the U.S. courts. Wilson compares attorneys, defendants, judges, and people in other key roles to theatrical players, wearing predetermined costumes and participating in staged dialogue.

The heads-bodies-legs mix and match structure of the book allows readers to create new combinations. Doing so, they redefine the fifteen characters and create absurd, contradictory messages. The postface quotes the song “There but for Fortune,” reminding readers that the role played by any given person is governed by chance as they move through interlocking systems of power. Silkscreen printed, spiral bound. 40 pages. Edition 75, 2018.

Book Price: $650
Shipping: $55 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $705

Studies for Studies

by Catrin Morgan

St. Jerome is associated with kindness (removing a thorn from a lion’s paw) and scholarship (translating the Bible into Latin). The studies found in paintings depicting St. Jerome are open to incursions from the natural world—they are neither outside nor inside and appear temporary, as though waiting to be folded up and taken away. Studies for Studies is an exploration of Renaissance depictions of St. Jerome which expands on the idea of translation as an artistic exercise. The book has three sections. The book has a fold out cover, A Study is a hand stitched, tape bound book, Typologies is a stitched pamphlet and Studies is a folded poster with written responses from Max Porter. Silkscreen, digital, and photocopy printed, case bound. 80 pages. 2017.

Book Price: $650
Shipping: $55 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $705.00

A Darning Stitch

by Sue Carrie Drummond

This book explores the concept of an invisible mend, contrasting the mend of a garment with the attempt to mend a relationship. A darning stitch is a sewing technique used for repairing worn areas in fabric, an attempt to make the repair as neat and invisible as possible to restore a piece of clothing to its original state. Instructions and diagrams for darning are printed on overbeaten abaca paper, while on cotton paper are images of fabric alongside a narrative of a marriage. The cotton spreads are visible beneath the translucent abaca sheets, juxtaposing this story against the clear and straightforward instructions for mending clothing. Silkscreen and letterpress printed on handmade paper, Codex case bound. 25.4 x 28 cm, 44 pages. Edition 47, 2017.

Book Price: $650
Shipping: $55 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $705.00

In Solidarity

The Women’s Studio Workshop invited twelve artists working in the social terrains of California, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee to consider the safety pin’s rise as the symbol of contemporary protest. The resulting portfolio, In Solidarity, captures the waves of distrust, encouragement, criticism, and hope in calls for allyship following the 2016 Presidential Election. Contributing artists are Golnar Adili, Barbara Leoff Burge, Julie Evanoff, Alicia Henry, Tatana Kellner, Leslie Nichols, Gail Schneider, Clarissa Sligh, Jenny Snider, Joy Taylor, Anita Wetzel, and Nanette Yannuzzi. Digital and silkscreen printed. 28 cm x 38 cm, 12 prints. Edition 35, 2017.

Book Price: $1000
Shipping: $55 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $1,055.00

Transparency Reflection Light Space: A Response

by Leah Mackin

Transparency Reflection Light Space: A Response was created as a response to a 1971 exhibition catalog interview with the artist, Larry Bell. Prior to the publication of the catalog, Bell removed the vowels from his answers. Leah Mackin read Bell’s obfuscated responses as inherently gendered in the context of the masculine legacy of Minimalism. They are defiant, brusque and, when read aloud, Bell’s words are unpronounceable, guttural noises. Mackin presents the remaining vowels as a sort of harmonic vocalization, since vowels give shape and rounded-out sound to the English language. Letterpress, photocopy, and laser printed, saddle stitch pamphlets in hard covers. 20.5 cm x 20.5 cm, 56 pages. Edition 63, 2017.

Book Price: $425
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Total: $465.00

The Map of Neighboring Bodies

by Veronica Graham

The Map of Neighboring Bodies is a book of invented iconography related to bodies of water. The artist plays with the definition of territory by breaking down boundaries across an open sea and systematically rebuilding them with pictograms. With these symbols, the book maps the natural, political, historical, and fantastic regions across five environments. Graham’s interest in symbolic imagery hearkens back to an early affinity for 8-bit video games and ancient cartography. Designed to be cyclical, the book connects along a seamless path that wraps horizontally around the entire book. A key is provided on the front side to help the reader decipher the environments. Silkscreen printed, accordion fold in hard covers. 17 cm x 14.6 cm x 2.54 cm, 35 pages. Edition 65, 2017.

Book Price: $295
Shipping: $40 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $335.00


On the Other Side

by Claire Fouquet and Patty Smith

On the Other Side is a collaborative work between French artist Claire Fouquet and American book artist Patty Smith that addresses issues of emigration. The concept originated as a response to the fences built by the United States to keep out illegal immigrants and by the French government’s policy on immigration. The book is a two-sided accordion, listing the fears an emigrant might experience on the recto side and potential advantages, opportunities, and joys of migration. The cut windows entice the viewer to turn the concertina inside out. Silkscreen and letterpress printed, with die cut windows and accordion binding. 4 ” x 5 1/2 “, 24 pages. Edition 50, 2016.

Book Price: $295
Shipping: $40 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $335.00

This book is out of print.


The Tang of Height

by Phyllida Bluemel

The Tang of Height was inspired by Phyllida’s discovery of recurring appearance of box kites in the biographies of nineteenth-century scholars. Taking that shape as a metaphor for philosophical method and 20th century thinking, the artist ties together the lives of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Alexander Graham Bell, and Nan Shepherd through archival fragments – images and ideas that resonate. These details connect across disciplines, flickering between the abstract and the particular; the philosophical and the personal – a poetry of facts. The screen-printed illustrations, as inserts, float freely of the text and reveal non-linguistic connections between the stories. The Tang of Height is Coptic bound, with a wraparound board cover. 8″ x 7 3/4″, 80 pages. Edition 49, 2016.

Book Price: $350
Shipping: $40 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $390.00


The City Within

by Natalie Draz

The City Within is a kinetic bookwork exploring cartography and fantastical anatomy. Juxtaposing bird’s eye maps and hand-drawn street-level maps with a ribcage of text centered around Montreal’s downtown core, The City Within overlays the heart of a city with the interior body of a city dweller. Both a bookwork and a sculptural object, this multi-layered book is able to be read and explored through many pathways. Using metaphoric imagery and a transforming book structure as an open-ended narrative, Natalie Draz combines traditional print media of intaglio and screenprinting with flag, tunnel book and pop-up structures. Housed in a wooden box. 8 1/2” x 14”, 34 pages. Edition 50, 2016.

Book Price: $1100
Shipping: $85 (S/H + insurance)
Total: $1,185.00