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Rooted in Narrative: Lucy Gans in the Studio

Oct 14, 2014

For twenty-five years, Workspace Resident Lucy Gans has been carrying the gnarled roots of a beautiful rose bush she dug out of her garden. Its remains have moved with her from house to house, and they’ve become tied to Lucy’s personal history. In her newest body of work, the roots appear delicately intertwined with her… View Article

No Direction Home: The Life & Work of Zarina

Jul 11, 2014

WSW’s 2014 gala honoree maps her life, makes a home in paper & print Zarina Hashmi‘s printed lines run like scars across her paper’s surface, cleaving space, creating borders, and telling stories. Her 1997 portfolio of woodblock prints Homes I Made / A Life in Nine Lines delineates the floorplans of the houses and apartments… View Article

Dora Lisa Rosenbaum Gets Her Clean On

May 21, 2014

When Guatemala-born, Albany-raised artist Dora Lisa Rosenbaum moved to the northern coast of California a few years ago, one thing in particular really struck her. “I smelled this really strong laundry detergent and I was instantly sent back to my patio in Guatemala where the laundry was done,” says Dora, who now lives surrounded by… View Article

The Tiny Universe of Women’s Studio Workshop

May 15, 2014

Five months ago (or eleven, if you’re a certain admin intern), we stepped onto Binnewater Lane, feeling excited but disoriented. We moved into the Anne Atwood house, a Women’s Studio Workshop-owned property just two doors down from the studio. Before long, WSW became our home away from home. We celebrated Easter with the founders, discussed… View Article

Alumnae Spotlight: Toby Millman

Apr 09, 2014

In 2011, Artist Book Resident Toby Millman came to WSW to produce Facts on the Ground, a 52-page hardbound book consisting of printed and cut paper maps, oral testimonies, and personal accounts, from and about occupied Palestine. Palestine was the geographic center of Toby’s work for several years after her first trip to the region in 2006. Since… View Article

Alumnae Spotlight: Susan Fateh

Mar 06, 2014

Susan Fateh is a Scottish-Iranian artist whose history with the workshop is long and rich. As an artist alumna, former staff member, and longtime friend, she’s found a way to stay involved with the Workshop since she first started pulling paper here in the 1980s. Now based in Italy and Scotland, Susan has coordinated and designed… View Article

Alumnae Spotlight: Tyanna Buie

Feb 05, 2014

In 2012 Tyanna Buie came to WSW from Milwaukee where she teaches screen printing at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Tyanna incorporates photographic imagery, found materials, and painterly monoprint techniques to create large, muti-layered works centering around personal history. During her 2012 residency at WSW she created “Sweet Escape”, a roughtly 16×6 foot “screenprint painting” that acts… View Article

Mirabelle Jones & the Artist’s Book as Activism

Jan 16, 2014

In 2011, workspace resident Mirabelle Jones began collecting the stories of 22 anonymous survivors of sexual assault. She broke the narratives down into three parts, keeping each part in a colored glass jar. In a green jar: the beginning of each experience. In a red jar: words and phrases describing the assault. In a blue… View Article

All in the Details: Devra Fox in the Studio

Jan 01, 2014

For workspace resident Devra Fox, sitting perched on a stool in our etching studio, spending hours cutting out intricate shapes with an X-Acto knife is all in a day’s work. A handful of feathers printed on translucent paper sit next to her as she traces along the labyrinthine lines of what looks like a bit… View Article

Lindsay Stern on Piecing it All Together

Dec 11, 2013

About a year ago, Lindsay Stern was shocked to discover she’d been awarded WSW’s Ora Schneider Residency for regional artists—initially because it would be her first residency, but also because she was 10 weeks pregnant. The symbiotic relationship between herself and her son Henry, now a flirtatious four month old, has come to quite literally… View Article