Curator’s Circle

Our Collectors

The Curator’s Circle is an extraordinary opportunity to build a collection of artists’ books created at the Women’s Studio Workshop (WSW), a distinguished publisher of hand printed, limited edition artists’ books.

These pieces are held in private and rare book collections nationally and internationally. Our collectors include Duke University, Harvard University, Library of Congress, Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Newberry Library, New York Public Library, Dan Osheyack and Joseph Moran, Scripps College, Smith College, Temple University, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, Vassar College, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Yale University.

The Artists’ Books

Producing an artists’ book in our digital age is a magical act centered on the power of touch and the importance of traditional craftsmanship. Artists chosen to participate in WSW’s Artist’s Book Residency work onsite in our printmaking and papermaking studios for up to ten weeks. During their residency, each artist creates an edition of approximately 50 books. In every case, the residency is an intense intellectual and creative experience. From text and images to casing and binding, the books published at WSW are entirely handmade. Their pages, each an individual work of art, presented in concert—unlike a singular print or painting—give way to narratives that encourage you to create your own connections.

Join the Curator’s Circle

Membership in the Curator’s Circle is $2,500 per year and, due to exclusivity of the book editions, limited to a small number of collectors. Members receive four books annually, each accompanied by a brief biography of the artist and a detailed description of the creative processes used to create the work.

The Curator’s Circle membership guarantees you the pre-publication price for artist’s book. You can use these assets in a variety of ways—to enhance your personal art collection, present them as a very special gift to your friends or family, or donate them to your alma mater’s collection. A subscription to the Curator’s Circle is more than a purchase; it is a commitment to support women artists, to create space for women’s work in the artistic canon, and to amplify the individual voices that drive our culture.

2017 Collection

Nights, the Cosmos, and I by Natalia Zapella

The City Within by Natalie Draz

A 19-2 View by Libby Scarlett

Scattered Memory by Edie Tsong