Timea Tihanyi

During her WSW residency, interdisciplinary artist Timea Tihanyi took over the ceramics and papermaking studios to create an installation of a three-dimensional map, a landscape of overlapping lines, forms, and textures. In 2008 she presented this work in a solo exhibition called “The Unexpected Momentum of Small Things…” in Seattle. Timea earned her MFA from the University of Washington, where she is now a senior lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts program. She is the winner of the 2018 Neddy Award in Open Media and the founder and director of Slip Rabbit Studio, the first digital ceramics research and education lab in the Pacific Northwest


Burst and Follow 2018 3D printed porcelain. Programming in Sage (CoCalc), design in Rhino, printed with Potterbot7 at Slip Rabbit Studio. Collaboration with mathematician Sara Billey.

Control and Release Installation at Linda Hodges Gallery Seattle 2018 3D printed porcelain and handcut vinyl

Mothering #1 2018 3D printed porcelain and blown glass, concrete, shock cord. Series made during a 2018 artist residency at the Museum of Glass Tacoma

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